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Choosing an Effective Domain Name
Date: Thursday, November 04 @ 20:45:47
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Choosing an effective domain name is important to increase
visibility, attract buyers, and inspire trust.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name or web address is a unique name, identifying a
specific web site such as

For visitors to see your web pages o要 the Internet when typing in
your web address, your domain name and web pages must reside o要 a
server or host computer. Small businesses usually pay a hosting
company to take care of that.

Why do you need a domain name?

Having your own domain name is a must for a business web site.
Here's why.

. Your domain name allows customers to find you o要 the Internet.
. Having an address that represents your business conveys a
professional image and stability.
. A domain name helps you market and advertise your unique
company name.
. A domain name increases credibility. Without a domain name, you
will have a longer address that starts with the provider's name,
e.g., This looks unprofessional
and is difficult to type.
. You can use your unique domain name in your email address,
e.g., or You can keep the
same domain name and email address when changing hosting

Follow these tips when selecting a domain name

. Choose a descriptive domain name that conveys professionalism
and is easy to remember and type.
. Consider a domain name that represents your business name,
product names, or type of business.

More tips about domain names

. A domain name can include up to 63 characters, not including
the .com, .net, .org or other extensions.
. Domain names are NOT case sensitive, so you can spell your
domain in uppercase, lower case, or a combination of both, e.g., or
. Domains cannot contain spaces.
. You can use numbers, letters, and hyphens (dashes) in your
domain name.
. Domains must begin and end with a letter or number.
. Special characters such as ? ! @ # $ % ^ & * and ( ) are not
permitted in web addresses. Neither are underscores or commas.
. Avoid confusing characters like 0 (zero), l (one), 2, s, and z
to minimize the risk of typos. The number zero (0) can be
confused with the letter O, and the number "1" with the letter
. Include relevant keywords in your domain name to boost
search-engine ranking, e.g.,,

Domain name variations

You can register your domain name with .com, .net, .org, .biz,
.info, .us, .edu, or other extensions. Always register the .com
name since most people are familiar with it. In addition,
consider registering your domain name with .net to prevent
competitors or speculators from registering a similar name. You
can also register variations of your domain name like making it
plural, adding hyphens, or underscores, e.g.,,, or

Checking availability

You can check the availability of a domain name at

Registering a Domain Name

You can register your domain name yourself through domain name
registration services, known as registrars. Internic provides a
list of ICANN-accredited registrars (the organization governing
domain names) at When
submitting a registration or transfer, the registrar will ask for
the name of two domain name servers that contain your IP address.
Your hosting company will give you that information. o要ce your
domain name has been registered or transferred, it takes
approximately 72 hours to become active.

Parking a domain name

If you want to reserve a domain name but don't have a hosting
company yet, you may have to pay a fee to a hosting company or
registration service to hold or park your name. Some registrars
charge $40 and others offer parking for free.

Fees for domain name registration

Each registrar sets its own price for registering domain names.
The fees to register a domain name for o要e year range from $8 to
$35 a year. It's a small price to pay to gain your prospects'
trust. You can register a domain name for o要e or more years. Some
registrars offer free or discounted registration services in
connection with other offers, such as web hosting. Make sure they
are reliable. Receiving a $10 discount is not worth the delays
and hassles you may encounter. Ask your professional web designer
for a referral.

To keep your domain name, you need to renew the registration and
pay a renewal fee each year. If you let it expire, someone else
can take your name.

Protect your business and product names by registering them as a
domain name before someone else does.


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