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13 Free or Cheap Effective Advertising Methods
Date: Friday, October 15 @ 22:56:54
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Advertising is the life blood of any business, no matter how big or
how small. No advertising usually means no business. Large companies
have an almost unlimited source of advertising dollars.

Advertising is the life blood of any business, no matter how big or
how small. No advertising usually means no business. Large companies
have an almost unlimited source of advertising dollars. Small
business owners on the other hand, are limited in the amount of
money they have for advertising. So, the problem is how to make ones
advertising dollar get the most bang for the buck. It's not enough
to advertise. Your advertising must be effective. So, once you have
a website or an ad to advertise, check out the following ways to
advertise for little or no cost.

1. Advertising coop- Many businesses, especially work at home
businesses, offer advertising coops. They will send people to your
business for a fee. Usually the fee is relatively small. This is
nice because you already know that these people have at least some
interest in your business. Although they may not spend a penny with
you, you at least get the exposure.

2. Website-The age of the internet has expanded the possibility of
owning your own business to an almost unlimited number of people. It
also has expanded the advertising audience to a tremendous amount of
new people, world wide, who otherwise you would never have been able
to reach. Although websites will cost you to get hosted, you can
advertise it many ways for free. Things like link exchanges and
article submissions allow you to get exposure to your website with
no cost except for you time. And as we will see in a moment, your
website can be advertised many other ways for free. The advantage of
a website is that it centralizes all your business and products into
one central location. It gives you somewhere to send people so that
you don't have to do as much selling because you let your website do
the selling for you.

3. Answering Machine-Change the message on your answering machine to
reflect the fact that you are now in business for yourself. You
could say something like," Hello. You have reached the home office
of John Doe of My" That way when you call that
person back, they may ask you about your business and thus the door
is open to discussing your business.

4. Put a sign in your front yard or in the yard of a friend or
relative with your name and website address on it. This is a good
way for your neighbors to find out about your new business as well
as any people that ride by your house.

5. Place a magnetic sign or bumper sticker on your car. Now, when
you are riding down the road, sitting at a stop sign, or leaving
your car parked at the mall or grocery store, you are getting free

6. Wear your ad-Place your website on a sweatshirt, tee-shirt, or a
hat. So, when you are out in public, people will see you ad and
again it will open up the door to discussing your new business.

7. Flyers-There are many places that will allow you to place a flyer
about your business. Businesses like grocery stores, libraries,
laundromats, hair salons and others will let you place a free ad on
their public bulletin board.

8. Business cards-Don't leave home without them. You never now when
the chance to hand one out will happen. You may see an old friend,
meet someone looking to get out of the 9-5 rut or who is in need of
a new opportunity.

9. Free Classifieds-Use the internet and the many free classified
ads on it to advertise your business. A search using "free
classifieds" will give you an almost limitless number of places to
submit your website and ad.

10.Ezines or electronic magazines are also a good place to advertise
your business. Some charge a fee for placing your ad in the best
location, some let you advertise for free. Again a web search will
allow you find numerous ezines to place you ad in.

11.Place your web address in your e-mail signature.

12.Place a flyer or business card in your out going mail.

13.Word of Mouth-The least expensive form of advertising and maybe
the most effective way to advertise your business is word of mouth.
Simply tell those you come in contact with that you are in business
for yourself. They will tell others and they will tell others and it
can go on and on. Sooner or later someone will take a look at what
you are doing.

Obviously, there are many more ways to advertise your business for
little or no money. The point is you don't have to have the big
bucks to successfully advertise you business or product. There are
many people who have started and become extremely successful in
their business on a shoe string advertising budget. There is hope
for the small business owner. All you need is a website or add, a
little creativity, a little time, and you too can advertise your way
to success without going to the poor house.

Donnie Baird has been involved with work at home businesses for 4
years and is the webmaster/owner of

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