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Online Videos - The Visual Way Of Marketing On The Net
Date: Friday, June 08 @ 17:34:09
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With video technology, communication can now be a totally
different experience. This article discusses the many ways by
which video technology can be used in internet marketing.

Online Videos - The Visual Way Of Marketing o­n The Net

Author: David Bain

With video technology, communication can now be a totally
different experience. This article discusses the many ways by
which video technology can be used in internet marketing.
Almost every form of interaction o­ne experiences everyday
entails communication. It is through communication that we are
able to understand others, learn new ideas, explore new wisdom,
and express our own feelings and thoughts. Over the passage of
many years, communication has evolved from a simple system of
sounds in the ancient times to a very advanced feature of video
Video technology's use in internet marketing is also a rapidly
rising trend these days. Here's how you can be in o­n this trend
to boost your web presence.
Using Videos for Internet Marketing

1. Video Email Marketing Campaigns
People's attention span has decreased with the increasing
saturation of information in the internet. People o­nly have
only a few seconds to spare for communication and information
that do not interest them. The challenge to internet marketers,
therefore, lies in catching hold of the customers' interests for
more than a few seconds, or getting the message across in as
short a period of time as possible.
Video emails make the latter possible. For a few seconds of
video, people can be told about your wonderful product or
service. Now, people won't have to read reams and reams of your
ad copy. They o­nly need to spare a few seconds of their time to
view your video pitch.
Video emails are also more effective than emailed copy because
videos are much more stimulating and engaging. You can also
demonstrate your product's effectiveness in video –something
that you cannot do with text copy which allows o­nly
descriptions, not demonstrations.
With the current developments in video streaming, video emails
have also never been easier to use. Your target consumers won't
have to download the video to watch them. You need o­nly include
a preview clip with the email and this clip, when clicked, will
connect the viewer to the video server which can stream the
video live to your consumer's media player.
2. Videos in your website and o­nline blogs
The brain becomes more engaged with multimedia displays and
content. Therefore, you should be sure to incorporate videos in
your website and o­nline blogs. Your videos o­nline can be
lengthier and more detailed than the video emails that you have
sent to your target consumers' inbox.
Through video infomercials and updates, you can get your
message across much faster and you can be more easily
remembered by your site's and your blog's visitors. Moreover,
if you provide tags and codes with your video, your website
visitors can easily copy the video content to their own blogs
and personal websites. This will increase your business' reach.

3. Video Blogging
Now this is the most practical application of video technology
today in internet marketing. YouTube is a huge community of
people who love watching and referring videos. In fact, YouTube
has become so popular that Google even purchased it from its
original owners. Major broadcasting companies have also agreed
to supply YouTube with video content from shows that they wish
to promote o­nline.
All you will need to do is become a member of this enormous
community of video lovers and post you own interesting videos.
You can post your company infomercials, if you want. However,
for more effective marketing, you'd better make your videos
more interesting and captivating. Your video clip should have
value beyond your marketing pitch so people will be more
inclined to pass it o­n to others.

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