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My Top Website Traffic Generation Techniques
Date: Wednesday, December 13 @ 08:52:45
Topic Generate More Traffic To Your Site

I recently conducted a 2 1/2 hour teleseminar that I entitled
"Website Traffic Generation Techniques That Work." I conducted
the teleseminar for two reasons:

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My Top Website Traffic Generation Techniques

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I recently conducted a 2 1/2 hour teleseminar that I entitled
"Website Traffic Generation Techniques That Work." I conducted
the teleseminar for two reasons:

1) I was partnering with two esteemed clients/friends in creating
an in-demand product. Our combined knowledge and experience
guaranteed a website traffic generation product better than any
similar product that I'd seen recently!

2) I was tired of seeing so many people with websites getting
practically ZERO traffic when it is so easy. I wanted to explain
to my subscribers and clients, in a plain-English fashion, some
very effective but simple methods of getting visitors to their

My websites currently get so much traffic that, while we could
always use more traffic, I no longer worry about getting website
traffic. I've reached what my friend Jack Humphrey termed
critical mass - that point at which o要e could actually stop
promoting for a while and the traffic would continue.

When you look at website traffic generation - big picture - it's
just a matter of identifying where your ideal traffic is, and
"standing in front of it!" Here's are just a few ways that I
do that. We covered many more in the teleseminar.

These are all fast and easy to implement:

* Article Writing - Write 300 - 1000 word articles o要 topics
that your market cares about. Make sure that the articles
address a problem, worry or challenge that your market faces. In
the article point them to solutions that they can find o要 your
website. It's that simple.

* Affiliate Programs - With an affiliate program, you have
others send you traffic, and you don't spend a penny until that
traffic converts into sales. You can set up a simple affiliate
program selling an ebook through Clickbank or and
have an army of people working hard to send you customers in no

If you don't have a product, you can take private label
products, and with a little effort, create products that your
market will be clamoring for, and that affiliates will be
thrilled to market for you. The best duplicable SYSTEM that
I've seen for doing this was developed by Louis Burleson. You
can learn all about Louis' easy to implement system at:

* Ebay Sales - With over 100 million registered users, Ebay is
simply too big to ignore as a source of traffic. The most
important thing about that incredible number of Ebay users is
that they are buyers. They visit Ebay with credit card in hand,
and all you need to do is be there with the products that they
are looking for.

By some estimates that I've seen, Ebay gets MORE searches per
day than Google!

There are dozens of ways for you to lure some of those millions
of visitors to your website. Ebay even makes it easy for you to
sift through their database and see WHAT the most common things
are that people are searching for. What could be easier? You sift
through their database, determine what lots of their users are
searching for and then create simple information product that
cater to those concerns. Then you advertise o要 Ebay, extremely
inexpensively, letting people know that you have the solutions
over at your website.

* Organic Search Engine Traffic - This seems mysterious or
difficult to many people. However, if you understand that people
visit the search engines seeking solutions to their problems,
then it's as simple as determining what problems a lot of people
are searching for solutions to, creating solutions to those
problems, and then making people aware of the solutions through
content o要 your site.

As an example, this article addresses the massive problem of most
websites not having enough traffic. It tells them of the
solutions offered o要 my site, and finally the article facilitates
the search engines telling searchers that my site is where
they'll find the solution. I'll feed this article to the search
engines through my article distribution channels.

* Social Networking Sites - Sites such as MySpace, Youtube, and
dozens of bookmarking sites, get millions of users every day.
MySpace rapidly grew into the sixth most visited site o要 the

MySpace users set up accounts and conveniently categorize
themselves into interest groups. Using very simple techniques,
you can redirect massive traffic from MySpace to your website.
You can also build your mailing list by interacting with targeted
niches o要 MySpace. The other social networking sites function

* o要e of the easiest ways to get massive, extremely targeted
traffic is through joint ventures. Through joint ventures, you
get those who already have the attention, trust, and loyalty of
the traffic, to send their traffic to your sales page. This is
totally risk free and o要e of the easiest and fastest ways to grow
a web business.

Through organizations such as The International Association Of
Joint Venture Brokers (IAJVB), you find large list owners,
product owners, or joint venture brokers. You set up huge,
mutually beneficial partnerships, and leverage your combined
assets. You can get more information o要 using IAJVB at:

In the teleseminar, we also covered generating an endless flood
of highly targeted visitors through methods such as publishing a
newsletter, blogging, creating viral ebooks and software,
creating educational or entertaining multi- media products, etc.
We showed that there as so many ordinary, easily-implement
traffic generation methods that there really is no reason for any
website to suffer from a lack of traffic.

Actually, I'll retract that statement. Your website does have to
be about something that people are interested in. There does have
to be enough people in the world interested in your niche to
offer you a pool of people that you can "stand in front of."
I've just shared with you my top website traffic generation
technique. Now all you need to do is implement them. You can
discover many more by listening to the MP3 recordings or reading
the PDF transcripts from my recent teleseminar at:


Willie Crawford, has been successfully marketing goods and
services o要 the Internet since 1996. He teaches his clients
and subscribers how to use common-sense methods to effortlessly
grow their businesses. You can learn more of Willie Crawford's
methods, and those of over 40 other top o要line markers by

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