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Joint Venture-Newbies, Consider This
Date: Tuesday, October 31 @ 17:11:27
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A Joint Venture can generate a ton of money for you. It can
take your business some place itís never been. In addition,
nothing that you own will be placed at risk and you donít even
have to spend a cent!

Joint Venture-Newbies, Consider This

Author: Wy Williams

A Joint Venture can generate a ton of money for you. It can
take your business some place itís never been. In addition,
nothing that you own will be placed at risk and you donít even
have to spend a cent!

If youíre going to do a Joint Venture, check out the heavy
hitters first. Go straight to the top. Make an approach to them
for a piece of the big time action. What have you got to lose?
Your pride? Take a spoonful of that and put it o≠n the dinner
plate and see who eats it?

Newbieís, are you tired of all the stuff those big guys have
been shoveling? Think about this. If all the material the big
time gurus sell to you really works, then how come you arenít
rich like them?

Do you have a problem accumulating wealth using other people's
money and expertise? Piggybacking of other business clients,í
products and resources just may be the way for you to go at
this point.

Can you really achieve something like this? You donít have any
expert status, a mailing list, credibility, or even a product.
We wonít even consider the question of experience.

You have to consider your own strengths. Is your real strength
in communicating? That could be half the battle with a Joint
Venture. Itís about bringing the right parties together. You
must have no fear of approaching and persuading your intended
partners. Consider their current products, targeted clients,
and resources.

Think what would happen if these ingredients were merged? What
would the synergy create? Do you envision unbelievable wealth?
Yeah, thatís what Iím talking about. You can get a share in
that wealth building too.

For example, keep your ear to the ground. Think about the
targeted customers in a particular company. Would they be
responsive to an approach to buy something of value from
another company?

The product and people would certainly compliment themselves if
merged. Work up a plan, make the approach. Are you afraid that
if you make the approach o≠ne of the principals might turn you
down and run with the idea himself and cut you out?

You canít let that hold you back. You may have been the o≠ne
individual who could pull this Joint Venture together and make
it work. Take the bull by the horns and make the approach.

The key for you here is to create the type of Joint Venture
that absolutely no o≠ne can say no to. Also, when they see your
creative juices flowing, theyíll realize that this joint
venture wouldnít work without you.

Think over possible objections like, Ďthis wonít work,í Ďthis
is a losing plan, anyone can see that,í or even, Ďnobody is
going to steal my customers.í

If youíre the type of person who is not easily intimidated and
can handle high powered people and their objections without
getting rattled, there could be something for you in the joint
ventures arena. Think of the possibilities!

You must have a strong belief in yourself that you can bring
this deal to a close. Show the parties that they have fallen
head first into a win/win situation. What is a joint venture
but an agreement that will benefit three or more people?
(Obviously considering you also).

Donít be overawed by people in high places. You can do this? I
know you can bring someone with a targeted mailing list, and
someone with a product that you believe will dovetail nicely
with that mailing list together? If you know it too, then go

Convince them of the explosive possibilities of a joint
venture? If you have the belief that you have the tools to do
that, then what are you waiting for. You may have arrived.

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