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Cool Tools for Today's Online Researcher
Date: Wednesday, June 14 @ 23:14:07
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Cool Tools for Today's o≠nline Researcher

By: annalaura brown

Do you do a lot of research? Could you use some help making your time researching o≠nline more productive? As a library school student and small o≠nline business owner I have spent a significant amount of time discovering some great tools, which I love and would like to share with you.

1. this is a great replacement site for bookmarks. Have you ever gotten so buried in your list of bookmarks you canít find a certain site you are looking for? Backflip is an o≠nline site which allows you to organize all of your bookmarks according to subject. You can even use subfolders inside folders. This is very useful for adding, deleting and organizing pages as you find them, and for retrieving them later.
2. is a great way to search through your most frequently used sites. You can create your own search engine and search through as few or as many sites as you wish.
3. This useful site allows you to create a to do list and store it o≠n the desktop of your computer. It is very helpful for when you are busy researching you need to take notes and remind yourself about everything that you must accomplish for that day.
4. This is a neat website and tool which allows you to take any kind of document you have created and turn it into a pdf file. This is very useful especially if you donít have the advanced version of adobe for writing and creating pdfs.
5. Are you using firefox for your browser? The following site has downloads for some tools to make you life easier. There are a wide variety of tools included from email o≠nes to bookmarks o≠nes.
6. Need to create a bibliography? Go to To try out o≠ne for free.
7. Another cool site for researching is This site allows you to do a web search, search google video, ask other people, search a web directory, search discussion groups, or find people. There are also language tools for looking up words in languages, looking up computer terminology and research tools for looking in encyclopedias, biographies, topic guides and quotations.
8. I also recommend doing a search o≠n a periodic basis for blogs. You will be surprised at the kind of information you will find.

Start using o≠ne or more of these tools and websites and discover how you can make your time o≠nline much more productive and get more done in less time.

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful team leader in an international organization. She can be contacted through o≠nline marketing Wine tasting tips, wine regions and everything for the winelover

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