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Internet Marketing : Dirty Webmaster Tricks
Date: Friday, February 24 @ 01:40:51
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Internet Marketing : Dirty Webmaster Tricks

Author: Todd A

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I was going through my link exchanges today and noticed an
alarming trend that some webmasters are doing. They're setting
their robots.txt file to Disallow indexing their Link pages.

We all know that good links can help build traffic and boost
your sites importance in search engines...but what does this

It means that some sites are getting huge PageRank ratings from
their exchanges, but they are not returning the favor to the
Honest Webmasters.

Tsk tsk tsk....I was going to put a link to my Internet
Marketing website to one of these sites... but as soon as I
found out that they were using this trick I stopped.

It's my opinion that it IS a trick...Honest webmasters are
trying to setup legitamite link exchanges to help out other
webmasters and people pull this.

Makes me feel bad for the webmasters who aren't checking for
this. So, if your doing your link exchanges manually I suggest
taking the time to check the incoming links that you have
exchanged with. There are 2 quick ways to check listed below.

A site passing these 2 quick checks, is by NO MEANS a guarantee
that your getting a fair deal. But, if your like me, you tend to
trust most people so if I check a site and it passes, I'll set
up a reciporical link to them.

The 2 simple ways to check (these are done manually) are load
the main page of the site you've exchanged links with and Click
on View - Source in your browser. You want to look for lines in
the Head portion that say: "robots" content="nofollow" or
something similar.

The second way is to check their robots.txt file if they have

Simply type in their address followed by /robots.txt

A Bad Robots.txt file for a link exchange would look something
like this: # All robots will spider the domain User-agent: *
Disallow: # Disallow directory /links User-agent: * Disallow:
/links # Disallow directory /link-market User-agent: * Disallow:

You'll note that in this example..taken from a real site that
offers link exchanges and is even brazen enough to ask for at
least PR2 links back, is specifically set to IGNORE their Links

We'll see what the future holds for sites like these when people
catch on to what their doing.

Till next safe and watch your links!

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