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Successful Website - Secrets
Date: Monday, February 13 @ 14:03:11
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Successful Website - Secrets

Author: Jerry Goldfarb

Does your business have a presence on the Internet? Is it doing
well? Did you know that the most important factor effecting your
business on the internet is your web site? No matter how good
your product is, no matter how low your product is priced at,
success on the internet depends wholly on your website. If the
website is not professional looking, the chances of your
success are slim.

This article assumes that you are conversant with HTML and
includes a few tips on designing a professional looking

* The home page should load in the browser in less than 8
seconds at 56.6 Kbps connection. The customer never waits,
costing you precious business.

* Search Engines are the agents that bring traffic to your
site; about 80% of web traffic comes through search engines
today. To make your website friendly to search engines, make
sure that proper META tags are included in each of the pages.
Before you edit the site or make one, make sure that you
understand how to optimize the website.

* Choose your backgrounds and colors carefully. Dark colors and
interesting backgrounds take the focus away from the content.
Maintain the color and background theme throughout the site.
Colors have an effect on the mood of the visitor. Choose
carefully as per your requirements.

* Choose not to use animation on you site. Animation cause slow
loading speed and also look unprofessional.

* The home page should contain relevant information on what you
are offering. If the visitor cannot find the product or service
at the home page, you will lose him forever.

* Avoid using banners. If you need to use them, keep them
limited to 1 per page.

* Always display contact information on every page of your
website. Also keep the response times minimal, within 48 hours
to promote better relationships.

* Make sure all links and images are working properly on the
website. Check for grammar in the content. A professional
website should not have mistakes in it and should contain a
logo on each page. Make sure that a visitor can get from the
start to the end of his destination within 4 clicks.

* The navigation should be simple and easy. Keep all navigation
links together.

* Java and frames should be used sparingly, to speed up loading
times and to ensure search engine friendliness.

* Finally before uploading, check the site loading different
browsers. All browsers are not made equal.

* Keep your site up-to-date and change content every fortnight.
The regular visitors should have a reason to come back.

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