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Product Review of the: Associate Program Marketing Handbook
Date: Friday, January 13 @ 03:11:23
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Product Review of the: Associate Program Marketing Handbook

Associate Program Handbook

Delivering the Promise of o­nline Marketing

Product Review of the: Associate Program Marketing Handbook

You’re o­nline. So what? Just because you’re out there prospecting for customers with a product you think is terrific, don’t expect customers to come beating a path to your cyber door. Unless you’re sweating the details, constantly focusing o­n how you’re going to improve your chances of success through smarter web selling techniques, you’re no better off than anyone else. And you know this kind of hit-or-miss approach just won’t cut it.

The reality is that you need all the help you can get—all the leverage you can find to bring traffic to your site and convert that traffic to dollars. It’s work. Hard work. Web marketing master Marlon Sanders knows this, probably better than anybody else in the business. And for years he’s been doing the legwork, blazing a trail for a growing number of believers—people like me-who’ve seen his experience, expertise, and horse sense find its way into o­ne must-have e-book after another.

No matter how many how-to tactics and hints o­n web selling you’ve heard about, you haven’t gotten serious about building your “customer intelligence system” until you’ve learned from Marlon. He’s the guy who’s carved a name for himself through discovering and delivering the formulas, the step-by-steps, and the real-world tricks of the o­nline marketing trade.

You’re o­nline. Where do you want to go? How do you get there? What do you need? Well, the King of the Click-Throughs, has delivered again. The Associate Program Marketing Handbook is an up-to-date toolbox crammed with 25 closely linked techniques for building and promoting your associate programs. It’s about drawing your customers to your site with the right “bait.” It’s about getting the most from free or low-cost services, advertising, and classified ads. Getting the word out about your product through reports and e-books, and maximizing your money machine through search engines, piggybacking o­n media events, and cashing in with techniques like the Swish Banner method. When all is said and done, it’s about converting click-throughs to cash. You study what works, you fine-tune, and you adjust.

Even with the powerful tools and the winning edge you’ll get from Marlon’s solid guidance, he’s the first to remind you that basic trial and tweaking is the name of the marketing game. And that advice is worth something in itself! Finding and keeping customers can be as simple as streamlining your site design for usability, perking up your o­nline content (after all, your text is king), or re-evaluating your opt-in campaign.

For all the invaluable strategic information covered in his quick-reference o­n the fine art of o­nline reselling, Marlon’s bottom-line message is clear and no-nonsense: o­nline reselling is still down-to- earth marketing, and the fundamentals apply. Figure out what you do

best, who else does it, and why your target customers should care. In other words, position your product and educate your customers.

Yes, you’re o­nline. And if you could turn to a proven voice of wisdom to improve your odds of making more money, why wouldn’t you?

--Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D.

Dr. Gardner writes professionally and, as such, was compensated for preparing this review.

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