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Review of: The Amazing Formula
Date: Friday, January 13 @ 02:49:03
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Review of: The Amazing Formula

Reviewed by Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Sure, you should know better, but how many times have you been a victim of the “too good to be true” syndrome? I know I’m not the Lone Ranger when I’m o­n the receiving end of those “Secrets of Getting Rich o­n the Internet!” e-mails that line up in my inbox. They show up almost every day, with screaming subject lines that are rich with promise: “Absolutely Guaranteed!” “Surefire Success with Internet Marketing!” “Easy Money through Web Selling!” And o­n and o­n.

Sometimes I blow these messages away instantly, without even thinking about it. Other times my curiosity (or boredom) gets the better of me and I open the file, follow the links, and spend a few minutes reading the hype. Then I go away disappointed. Lots of sizzle, but I’ll have to pay a lot more if I want to taste the steak. If it’s there at all! I’ve quickly reached the point where I don’t know who to trust or what to believe. “If it looks too good to be true,” we’re told over and over again, “it probably is.” Sound familiar?

But, if you’re like me, you’re more than half serious about making money o­n the Internet. You may have little more than a web page and a desire to earn more with your computer. Yet, up to now there’s been no real plan, no method to the madness. So you keep o­n searching for “secrets” you can use—a little bit from this “guru” and a little bit from that o­ne. All the while, you’re wishing for that no-nonsense, soup-to-nuts system that really works. o­ne that’s built from successful experience and that covers all the bases. No illusions, no bottled smoke, no “magic bullets”.

Call off the hounds! The search is over.

I just discovered Marlon Sanders’ The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy. This carefully constructed, gem-packed e-book is the first common sense, how-to system o­n web-based product marketing I’ve seen yet. And believe me, with all those spam e-mails coming across my desktop, I’ve become an expert o­n what doesn’t get it done for me!

First off, Marlon makes no assumptions about his reader’s o­nline sales know-how. And he offers no guarantee that his system will make anybody millions from selling products o­n the web. What he does produce is good, solid guidance (and there’s plenty of it) o­n cutting through all the crap and getting down to business o­n the Internet. It’s a “roll up your sleeves and do it” system that’s worked for others in the same boat I’m in. If I follow the formula, I’ll increase my odds for success. With a money-back guarantee. That’s all anybody could ask for!

Just like a friend talking to you from across the dining room table, Marlon speaks with passion and conviction about a subject he obviously knows a lot about. And he shatters every myth the so-called “experts” have led me to believe about selling products o­n the Internet. Here’s the biggest myth: Web marketing has to be complicated. “It’s not rocket science,” Marlon tells us at the outset. “Then again,” he adds, “rocket science isn’t what makes you money.”

No deep diving is required to get these pearls. Every step in Marlon’s truly “amazing” formula is “powerful in its simplicity.” Here we have a ready-made cookbook for making money o­nline, covering every aspect of web-site marketing. The whole lifecycle of the marketing process is completely and clearly described for you, including how to: understand the important Internet money equation for implementing the formula, obtain hot product ownership, write the killer sales letter, get and build a list, generate leads, create repeat business, and increase your sales ratio.

It’s all there, in easy to digest sections that flow so smoothly you actually want to read o­n—and get to the next step. Marlon’s system is packed with real-life examples, quick-hit lists of reminders and action items, and links to web sites for more information o­n a topic he’s discussing. Need information o­n franchise laws? The book gives you the URL to click to and get the data immediately. The amazing formula’s got it covered. How about a mailings program? A web site is served right up.

Bottom line: The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy really works. It promises an “amazing” formula for success and then delivers it to you in a way that will excite anyone looking to taste that steak behind the sizzle. This is a must-read for e-business entrepreneurs interested in learning from a pro at web-site marketing.

--Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

The Amazing Formula

cash Dr. Gardner writes professionally and, as such, was compensated for preparing this review.

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