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Want to check out the possibilities before you commit yourself
to o要e specific home based business idea? SmallBizBits News has
put together a "Hot Top Ten" list of work at home ideas that
offer the average individual a way to make a living o要line or
offline. These are ideas with a proven track record. They have
been around for awhile and many individuals just like you are
finding good career alternatives with these ideas.

Info Products How do you break into this market? Easy! My
suggestion, use your own background and knowledge to write an
information product in e-booklet form or print form instead of
relying solely o要 what a marketer has to offer in reprint rights
for ancient info. You want fresh, unique, valuable information.
Certainly, not a stale copy of information already circulating
the Internet.

Writing Articles Many writers have made amazing profits by ghost
writing articles for business owners o要line. It's fairly easy to
get started. Set up a page advertising your services and send
out press releases.

Free Article Writing Tutorial: mailto:

Virtual Office/Secretarial Service Your client requst you
confirm all sales appointments for the week. You fax the list of
appointments that were confirmed back to the client. A client
needs a list of hotels in a city they will take a business trip
to. The VA obtains the list of hotels with current rates and
directions to the hotels.

Your client request you fill out routine paperwork from your
home office, Your client ask for backups of computer work, or
copies of all files. Your client might also request you answer
emails, redirect telephone calls, send faxes, work o要 their
website, handle accounting records.

These ae o要ly a few of the duties of a Virtual Office Assistant.
If you are an experienced secretary or office worker consider
becoming a Virtual Office Assistant. contact:

Online Sales Affiliate Joining an affiliate program is o要e of
the easiest ways to start an o要line business and generate income
for your website. These revenue sharing programs are very
popular o要 the net. And is the way many new entrepreneurs
started o要line. When you join an affiliate program your task is
to promote the merchants services or products o要 your website or
in your ezine. This is easier than you might think because the
merchants supply members with banners or links back to their
site to promote the product. Plus they tally up your clicks or

Garage Sales A Garage Sale could be a o要e time event for an
individual, single family, group of families or a charity
organization. But, to be really profitable you have to plan
carefully. Most people do not have the time, or even skills to
put together a Profitable Garage Sale. This is where you, The
Garage Sales Specialist, will enter the picture. Free PDF

Mail Order Sales Mail Order is an easy way to start a home based
business without risking much money. You might start part time
out of your home. Work the hours you want and when you want.
Many successful mail order companies started with less than a
hundred dollars capital. Free PDF Report o要 Mail Order Sales

Surveys For Pay Many legitimate ways exist to make anywhere from
$5 to $125 per hour taking surveys o要line. This is an excellent
way to make a few extra dollars per month. If you join a dozen
or so surveys you will increase your income. Join a special
focus group and you will receive the most money. Details Here!

Secret Shopping Secret Shopping is a good part time business
for stay at home moms, students, retired folks, or just about
anyone who wants to make a little extra income. It's simple to
get into this business and you can work the hours you want. Get
Paid To Shop! Details Here!

Gift Baskets o要e successful gift basket entrepreneur raves this
is an excellent home business idea and she makes a great income.
But you need to be dedicated and certainly not afraid of a lot
of hard work. Marla prepares special welcome baskets for new
mom's babies, graduation baskets, and retirement baskets. Her
little o要e woman business is growing by leaps and bounds she
expects to earn $50,000 this year.

Auction Profits! People often ask is there a truly legitimate
way to make income o要line? Did you know o要e of the easiest ways
to start a business o要line and make Fast Cash is with Auctions.
One reader sold old unwanted items collecting dust in her attic
and made $7,000 dollars in o要e month for a few hours work.

While o要e smart young teenage reader is reeling in Great Profits
with collectable record albums he buys at local flea markets,
thrift stores, and garage sales.

-Learn how you can easily join this enterprising crowd and get
Top Dollar in all your auctions.

-Learn how to get started in your own o要line Auction Enterprise
the right way!

Download eBay Sellers Guide.

Selecting the right home based business is often a difficult
task. This list will hopefully guide you in the right direction.

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