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Many people have told me they have given up their goal of
working at home because it just doesn't exist. When I tell
them I work-at-home and over 50 million others in the United
States also work-at-home, I'm told that working at home
doesn't work for them.

Perhaps you are thinking the same thing. I'm here to tell
you that working-at-home is possible for everyone. But
you have to have the following characteristics:

1) You have to want it bad enough.
2) You have to look in the right place.
3) You have to do the work.

If you have the above characteristics, then you just need
to follow the 10 steps to work-at-home success!

1) Take 100% responsibility for your life. You are where you
are now because of choices you have made. I understand that
life may be tough. Perhaps you have been laid off. Or may be
you or someone you love is ill. Life presents challenges.
But some of the most successful people in history have
overcome tremendous odds to achieve success. Take Kyle
Maynard. He was born without any arms below the elbow or
legs below the knee. Despite his physical challenges, Kyle
was one of the top wrestlers in Georgia in his senior year
of high school. At the 2004 Georgia State Wrestling
Championships, he had an impressive record of 35-16. Kyle
is now wrestling at the University of Georgia and has begun
training in Jiu-Jitsu and competing in the sport of submission
wrestling. He is also the author of the book, "No Excuses"
which is what this step is about. You need to give
up excuses that prevent you from taking action on your
goals. You need to refuse to let obstacles including
frustration and discouragement get in your way. When bad
things happen, you need to CHOOSE to continue on. While you
can't control the external things in your life, you can
choose how you respond to them. By choosing to act instead
of be acted upon, you will be taking 100% responsibility for
your life.

2) Decide what you want. That sounds pretty easy. More
money. Better house. More time. But, these are vague and
don't inspire action. Be clear about what you want. Be
specific including what color, what size, what shape, what
brand...etc. How much money exactly do you want? What size and
style house exactly do you want? Where is it located? on how
much land? The more specific you are with your goals, the
easier it is to focus on them and be inspired by them.

3) Believe it is possible. This is similar to what I
discussed about the people who tell me, that working-at-home
doesn't work for them. Richard Bach who wrote Jonathan
Livingston Seagull said, "Sooner or later, those who win are
those who think they can." Working at home is possible.
Millions of others have proven it to be true. They are no
smarter or more talented or luckier than you. They just knew
it could be done and figured out how to do it. You can do
the same.

4) Believe in YOU! Arthur Williams once said, "The number 1
reason that keeps people from winning in the United States
today is a lack of believe in themselves." You are the one
person you should root for the most, and yet mostly likely
you sell yourself short. Society trains us to be like this.
We are raised to be mediocre people. But you don't have to
accept mediocrity. You can do great things. History is
littered with people who had less than you and rose to great
heights. Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb living in a
world in which women were second-class citizens yet she rose
to become an amazing woman. Abraham Lincoln was poor,
suffered from depression, was not handsome, and lost many
elections before becoming president. Babe Ruth struck out
more times than he hit the ball. But he knew the ball was
coming and kept on swinging. If you put your mind to it, you
can work at home. I know it. But you need to know it too!

5) Set goals. Goals help define where you want to go so you
can develop a map to getting there. "Without goals, and
plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail
with no destination." Is a great and accurate quote by
Fitzhugh Dodson. To be most effective, goals should be
written, specific, realistic without being too easy and they
must have a deadline. once your goals are set, read them
three times a day. An easy way to do this is to have a copy
taped to your bathroom mirror, one on the refrigerator and
one at your desk or any other places that you will see it
them regularly.

6) Take action. Having goals without action is like having a
road map but not getting in the car to go anywhere. Mark
Twain once said, "The secret to getting ahead is getting
started." Unfortunately, it's the start that stops most
people. Don't be one of them. Do something everyday that
moves you towards your goal. In fact, set out to do 5 things
everyday that will move you towards your goal.

7) Stop stopping yourself. How many times have you wanted to
do something but didn't because the timing wasn't right or
things weren't perfect? In order to be successful, you need
to stop limiting yourself. Stop waiting for the right time
or the right situation. Success does not come when the time
is right, the stars align, and life isn't busy. It comes
because of consistent effort even though life isn't perfect.
You also need to stop limiting yourself because of fear.
Successful people step outside what is comfortable to make
their dreams come true. Another great quote is, "There is no
money in the comfort zone." And its true. Stepping out of
the comfort zone can be scary. There isn't always a lot of
support from friends and family for doing something
different. But if you were to study all the successful
people in world, you would find that in order to reach
success, they all had to stop limiting themselves and step
out of the comfort zone. Success is not the attainment of
the goal, it's the challenges you overcome to attain the

8) Visualize your dream. At least once a day, think about
what your life will be like when you reach your goal. The
more you think about what you want, the more your brain gets
active in trying to help you achieve it. Have you ever
thought about buying a car and all of a sudden you see the
car you are thinking of buying all over town? Are there
really more of these cars out on the road? No. It's just by
thinking about it you notice them. The same thing happens
when you picture your life as you'd like it. Your brain will
begin to pay attention to things that can help you reach it.

9) Feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear is best described


Fear is what keeps us in our comfort zones. What is there to
fear anyway? What people will think? Who cares? Odds are
they don't have what you want and can't help you get it. So
why listen to them? To overcome fear, you need to make your
dream bigger than your fear. Your desire to work at home
needs to be bigger than the fear of what others are going to
say about you (and truth be known, people don't think about
you nearly as much as you think they do if at all). Also,
make your goals urgent and just as important as other things
in your life. When you MUST live your dream, you will.

10) Be willing to pay the price. We aren't talking about
money although sometimes that is a part of reaching your
goals. In paying the price, you will need to sacrifice and
work harder than you have ever done before. Leisure
activities like reading and watching television may have to
go on the wayside as you spend time working on your goal.
You may need to give up some extras like manicures, lattes,
or dining out so you can have the extra money to live on or
to use to build your business. A price must be paid but the
payment is temporary, while the payoff is forever.

Finding a way to work-at-home in 2006 is a reasonable goal.
But it won't happen without purposeful effort on your part.
Nothing worth having comes easily. You need to plan. You
need to work. You need stop fear and a lack of confidence
from stealing your dreams. This year, millions more people
will finally do what it takes to work-at-home. Will you be
one of them?


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