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Getting Additional Revenue through Affiliate Programs in the
Date: Wednesday, December 21 @ 02:28:54
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Getting Additional Revenue through Affiliate Programs in the

Author: Rebecca Hubbard - Hubbard Enterprises

Getting Additional Revenue through Affiliate Programs in the

If you are o要e of those people who are Internet savvy and are
keen o要 getting more income by just affiliating with commercial
websites and referring people to them, then affiliate programs
might just be for you.

Affiliate programs work such that you are given a commission
when you are able to send individuals to sign up, avail of a
service or buy something with your associated website.

There are three basic types of affiliate programs found in the
Web. These are:

1. Per-Click Affiliation Program - From the term itself, the
payment you will receive will depend o要 the number of clicks
that are generated in your website. The typical payment for such
program ranges from US $.01-.30. This is the lowest among
affiliate programs because "clicking" can be generated easily.

2. Per-Lead Affiliation Program - The payment usually come from
"sign-ups" that your website generated. If users enter their
e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other information, you will
be compensated. Since generating sign ups are more difficult
than clicks, the range of payment is from US $.10-5.

3. Per-Sale Program - This is considered as the most popular
among all affiliate programs. This is also called "commission"
program. In here, you will be paid o要 the sales that were
generated from your ezine or website. Commission percentage from
sales usually ranges from 5-15% and could even reach 40%
depending o要 your agreement and the type of product that was

The following are some things you need to consider if you want
to be in the affiliate revenue business:

- Determine your target market before your product. This way,
you won't have any difficulties coming up with your promotion
strategies later o要.

- The next step is to concentrate o要 a topic for your website
that you are strongly interested in. It is better to concentrate
on a small area then work around it. After doing this, select
affiliate programs that are closely related to your theme and
link them.

- If you are serious in generating more income in lesser time,
find out which are hot in the market at the present time. Try to
become adept and well informed in o要e of these and make sure
that you link it with affiliate programs that suit the

- Try to also consider products that sell well and have a high
demand in the Internet. Such products include bargains and
coupon sites. Aside from these, information products such as
white papers and digital devices give high commissions and good
profit margins.

According to an Ernst & Young study computer related gadgets,
gears and devices are the most bought items in the market with
40%, followed by books at 20%; travel is 3rd with 16% followed
by clothing at 10%; music has a share of 6% and gifts and
investment have 4% each.

- Get your own domain name for your website which is unique and
memorable. A domain name gives an impression that you are a
serious professional.

- Try to create newsletters you can distribute around in the
Internet which will remind people of your website's presence.

- Make sure you offer good, if not, the best products and
services. Remember that the products or services you promote
will affect your reputation.

- Try to look for affiliate programs that will pay you generous,
if not decent, commissions.

- Install programs that can help you track your promotions.
These should provide you real time information in determining
which working program you should concentrate o要 more.

- Sign up with companies that offer lifetime commissions and be
wary of the conditions and stipulations that are stated in

- Avoid overcrowding your website with promo banners and links
and make sure that the affiliate programs you placed share a
common theme with the site. Visitors will be turned off when
they see a sea of banners and links in the site. Don't lose your
site's perspective. - Avoid affiliating with sites where
information about the owner or company is not shown.

- Research o要 companies before signing up with them for
affiliate programs. Ask for references and contact them.

Should you be interested in affiliate programs, you can check
out sites such as ClickBank (, LinkShare
( and Commission Junction (
Visit sites such as and for directory listings and

Good luck o要 your Web business endeavor!

Rebecca Hubbard

Hubbard Enterprises


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