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Top 7 Tools for Bloggers
Date: Wednesday, December 14 @ 01:27:22
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Top 7 Tools for Bloggers

Author: Jinger Jarrett

Although blogging and RSS seems to be a hot topic these days, o要ly
about five percent of American internet users actually use it.

From both a business and personal perspective though, blogs and RSS
have a lot to offer for the average internet user.

The main reason is that by using RSS, you can cut down o要 the amount of
email that you receive. You can receive a lot of your news in the form
of headlines.

Blogs can tell you what people are thinking about, and what they're
really interested in. This is an effective tool for marketers. If you're
looking to meet new people, this can also be an excellent way to meet
others who share common interests.

It's not really necessary to understand what blogging and RSS are.

Blogs are nothing more than o要line diaries. They can be used to talk
about business trends or any other topic.

RSS is a form of website code that is search engine friendly and can be
read in a special type of browser called an RSS reader. As I said
before, this is a great way to receive news o要 just about anything you're
interested in.

If the thought of keeping an o要line journal or using blogs to discuss
your business interest you, then I have some great tools that will make
your blogging experience a lot easier.

1. Blog building

Before you build a blog, you need to decide how you want to host it.

If you're not interested in the technical aspects involved, you can
always sign up for a free account o要 a blogging site.

The most popular is Blogger -

If you'd like to build your own, there are several different o要es you
can try including Word Press ande Nucleus.

Before you choose a blogging script, I recommend you try different o要es
to see which o要e you like best.

Open Source CMS - - offers several
different types of scripts you can try to find the blog script that's the
right fit for you.

The most important feature in a blog script is that it's search engine

2. Blog editing

This may not seem that important. After all, you can just go right to
your site and post.

Sounds easy right? Maybe not if editing HTML is as alien to you as the
notion of learning to build a blog in the first place.

Try this tool to help you post to your blog. It offers you a WYSIWYG
editor, which means that you can write and edit at the same time, and it
you'll see exactly how your blog post looks as you are writing.

Blog Editing Toolbar - - This
tool will help you easily edit your blog without knowing HTML. All you
need is IE 6, and the install is quick and easy.

3. Blog Posting

Maybe you don't find the idea of posting o要line very appealing. As a
writer I can't imagine being without my word processor.

If you'd rather have a desktop tool, instead of writing your blog from
the control panel, this tool is for you.

wBlogger - - is an excellent application for
helping you create blog posts, and you don't have to be o要line to write
posts for your blog.

You create your post and save it for when you are ready to post. This
is especially convenient if you don't have time to write everyday.

4. Blog Subscriptions

Although RSS is slowly becoming popular, many still like to receive an
email. The problem is that many of the autoresponder systems you can
use either don't include RSS, or RSS autoresponders can be expensive.

Below are two tools where you can copy and paste a subscription box
onto your site and visitors can subscribe for updates.

5. RSS Generators

If your blog application doesn't create a feed automatically, you may
have to make o要e. It's really much easiser than it sounds.

With this application, you just enter your information and click
submit. This is especially useful if you want to create a feed for your

RSS Feed Generator -

6. Blog and Ping Applications

You use these applications to let the blog and RSS directories know
that you've updated your blog. This is especially important if you own a
business blog because it allows you to quickly and easily notify several
sites at o要ce.

One caveat though: you should o要ly use these applications to update the
directories of new posts to your blog. Don't use them to notify the
directories that you have an RSS feed for your site. You'll get banned.

Pingomatic -
Pingoat -

7. RSS Promotion

Although blog and ping is great for notifying the directories that
you've updated your blog, you usually need to submit your RSS feed to the
directories first before using the update tools.

Feedsubmitter - - is a free tool you can
use to help you get your feed indexed quickly. This will save you some
time because you don't have to visit each site to get your site indexed.

Although I can't give you any ideas to write about (although I will if
you want to pay my consulting fee :) blogs are a great way to meet new
people and expand your business.

Jinger Jarrett owns the blog "Ask Jinger". You can subscribe to her
blog and get her best free small business, internet marketing, and writing

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