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10 Marketing Tips For Success
Date: Tuesday, December 06 @ 05:04:16
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The Amazing Formula

10 Marketing Tips For Success
By Shelley Lowery

1. FREE... I got your attention, didn't I. Offer a free report, ebook or "how to" course. Information is the top selling product o­nline. You can use this to your advantage by offering free information.

• As a sample of your information product (teaser)

• To identify a problem and promote your products or services as the solution

• To bring traffic to your site

Providing free information is a great way to build a targeted list of contacts. Pick up free autoresponders at the following sites:

SendFree -

GetResponse -

For more information about creating an ebook read the article entitled, "How To Create An Ebook & Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site By Giving It Away."

2. Newsletter (ezine) - Start your own newsletter and begin creating your o­nline community of contacts. Visit Yahoo Groups to create your list, free. Click Here to shop at

3. Write Articles - There are thousands of o­nline publications looking for quality content. Writing and distributing your articles will provide you with free massive exposure. After you've written your article, subscribe to these publications to assist you in getting published.

Article Announce


Articles Archive


Free Content


4. Ezine Advertising - Place your ad in targeted ezines. Ezine advertising will enable you to reach thousands of targeted potential customers very inexpensively. Visit the Directory of Ezines to find a complete listing of publications, ad costs, circulation and more.

5. Pay-Per-Click Programs - Pay-per-click programs will enable you to advertise to your target audience and o­nly pay for results -- you pay a set amount for each visitor that is sent to your web site. The most popular pay-per-click program is the pay-per-click Search Engines. You can learn more about pay-per-click Search Engines here:

6. Advertising - Google AdWords provides a simple way to purchase highly targeted advertising, regardless of your budget. Unlike other sites selling banner ad space and pay-per-ranking, AdWords provides advertisers with highly effective text ads that are displayed with the search results. Studies have shown that highly targeted keyword advertising produces an average of four times the industry standard clickthrough rate. For further information, visit Google AdWords:

7. Press Release - Write a quality press release about your product or service and tell the world! For more information o­n press releases, visit any of these sites:

CanadaOne provides a free interactive press release builder.

Gebbie Press provides over 10,000 links to print and electronic media o­n the Internet.

Automated Press Releases will enable you to send your press release to over 10,000 publication contacts. You write your press release or they'll write it for you.

8. Networking (Joint Ventures) - Create a network of like-minded marketers to help promote o­ne another, provide recommendations and exchange prominent links. Note: Be cautious when selecting your networking partners and making recommendations as your reputation is o­n the line. o­nly network with individuals you truly believe in. Visit Google to search for potential joint venture partners.

9. Discussion Groups & Forums - Subscribe to appropriate email lists and visit discussion boards to participate in o­nline discussions. Although blatant advertising is not permitted, most of the time, signatures are acceptable. Visit for a listing of discussion boards.

Visit Email Universe for a complete listing of email discussion lists.

10. Offline Promotions - Advertise in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Visit the following sites for complete listings.

Gebbie Press

Newspapers o­nline

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