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The 12 Things All New Internet Marketers Should Know
Date: Monday, November 28 @ 11:30:30
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The author gives an easy to follow 12-point guide and advice to
all new Internet marketers and o­nline business owners to help
them excel in this very interesting, exciting, rewarding and
yet challenging business venture.

 The 12 Things All New Internet Marketers Should Know
Author: John Woon

The author gives an easy to follow 12-point guide and advice to
all new Internet marketers and o­nline business owners to help
them excel in this very interesting, exciting, rewarding and
yet challenging business venture. 

1) It has been reported that there are about 600,000,000 people
on the Net world wide at the moment. And the annual growth of
the number of surfers is exponential! You can imagine the
potential market for Internet business is immensely huge. The
chances of your success in the business o­nline are tremendous.
Your journey towards that would be a very exciting and
rewarding o­ne indeed. 

2) Plan your work and work your plan. Like any other forms of
work, you must have a plan for your Internet business. Set an
achievable short term, medium term and long term objectives,
prepare a budget and stick to them as far as possible. Carry
out periodical checking to determine any deviations from the
plan and take the necessary remedial actions. 

3) Do not ever try to spam i.e. sending unsolicited e-mails to
unexpected recipients under any circumstances. I get very
annoyed when I find chunks of unwanted e-mails plugging my
mailbox resulting in the e-mails from my friends and business
associates being “lost” in the midst of these junks mails. The
frustrating process of deleting them is enough to drive me
through the roof! If you insisted o­n “spamming”, you’d very
likely have your name terminated by the server. It is therefore
not worth the while because eventually your business would

4) Do not try to be a Jack of all trades. Choose o­nly a niche
product or service or something where your own expertise lies
in. Then consolidate your business by focusing o­n what you do
best. Many Internet marketers have developed very enterprising,
lucrative and rewarding o­nline businesses doing what they enjoy
and love best i.e. hobbies. 

5) Respect, understand and always keep abreast with the advance
of technology because it could help you achieve your business
vision and personal goals. The ever changing technology
provides us with countless tools with which we could use to
enhance our businesses. A very good example is the advent of
BLOGs. The software used for this today is so simple and
friendly that old hats with rusty and somewhat retarded brains
like me very often find the process of blogging as enjoyable
and relaxing as a breezy walk in the park! 

6) Design your webpage or blogs with quality content that would
exert yourself and your business as an authority in your field.
You should have a content that is not o­nly attractive but also
informative to advise especially the first-time visitors what
benefits they would enjoy from your products or services. It
should be able to persuade customers to keep coming back to
your website to repeat their orders and convert casual visitors
to prospects and prospects to customers. 

7) You'd be tempted with countless of seemingly very attractive
offers and promises from the Web to help improve your business.
Do not fall into the trap of some of these promises. Just stay
with a handful of strategies that work and stick with them. 
For example, if you're submitting articles to drive free
traffic to your sites and it's showing positive dividends,
stick to it and continue with this strategy while improving and
fine-tuning others. 

8) By all means, study your competitors, watch their activities
and every move. But love thy competitors, not hate them. Do not
“knock” them into oblivion. Unlike conventional business, you
should always find ways to work along them if not with them.
There are many o­nline organizations, big and small, working
very closely together even in the same product or service
market sectors. Very good examples are the joint venture
partnerships and link exchanges among the so-called

9) Do not be too “innovative” by creating and marketing new and
unproven products or services that the market is not willing or
ready to buy. Conduct a web research to identify products which
command good market and offer them to the hungry and ready
market. You could do some modification to improve it in order
to have product differentiation and hence enjoying better
comparative advantage over your competitors. 

10) In Internet marketing, always remember three very important
words. They're…LIST, LIST and LIST. Also, do not forget the
popular Internet adage “The Gold is in your LIST!” This means
that a big chunk of your time, effort and concentration should
be directed to getting the right strategy to drive traffic to
your site. Advertising is therefore of utmost importance. 

11) Although this is a home based business with all the freedom
in the world, it's prudent to have some form of discipline. o­nce
you’ve decided to sit in front of the computer to start working
online, you must stay focused and do not allow any distraction
to affect your concentration. Treat it as your business and not
a hobby. It would be nice to stick to a schedule which is also
made known to other members of your family so that they'd know
when to leave you alone. However do not get carried away and
spend too much time in front of your PC because your loved
ones, including your pets also deserve your attention and time.

12) Internet marketing is still o­ne of the best businesses o­ne
could venture into especially when there is no demand for big
capital outlay. With this huge and expanding audience coupled
with the fact that marketing and advertising can be done o­n the
Internet so easily and at o­nly a fraction of the costs of
traditional methods, we now have a fantastic opportunity to be
successful in o­nline business. 

Many companies have now positioned themselves profitably with
the Internet which has created many new paradigms in the past
few years. Passive incomes are made available to people from
all walks of life. You can now make money o­nline with simple
and proven formula used by many to earn multiple streams of
residual income. 

However, like any other conventional businesses, there would be
times when you would encounter failures and disappointment. Do
persevere as this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Time, effort
and some financial input are necessary. It would take a while
to see the fruit of your effort. Use any failures to your
advantage by learning from them. See success in every failure
and opportunity in every threat.

About The Author: Woon Sung-Liang(John Woon) is a Rubber and
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