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Top 10 Challenges to Working At Home
Date: Tuesday, November 22 @ 13:30:44
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Top 10 Challenges to Working At Home

Top 10 Challenges to Working At Home

It sounds ideal, doesn't it? Conference calls in your
pajamas, doing laundry in between talking to clients, saving
money o要 all those work lunches! But is working from home
always a perfect situation? Here are some things to watch
out for if you're already working from home, or things to
think about if you're considering making the move.

This is work, this is home.
Keep your office and house as separate as possible. Create
an office that you really enjoy walking into and that has
everything you want in o要e area. Organization books call it
a "zone": an area of the house having o要e purpose.

Hello, is anyone there?
Some home workers - both telecommuters and independent
business folks - report isolation as a challenge. There's no
one around to bounce ideas off of, or complain about the
boss! o要e way around this is to make an active effort to get
out - meet for coffee or lunch with business associates or
clients, attend networking meetings in your area. You'll get
your dose of adult company, and maybe some good business
contacts, too.

It's how much?
Many home workers who own their own business are surprised
to find out how much "benefits"- health insurance, sick
leave, vacation time - actually cost. When you're
calculating prices for your services, don't forget to
include these items in your planning.

Do they take you seriously?
Some clients may be predisposed to view you as less than
"professional" if they know you are working from home. This
is certainly changing, but just in case, make sure
everything about your company is "professional" - voicemail,
website, and marketing materials. And don't forget your

Keeping yourself o要 track.
It takes a certain amount of discipline to work at home -
either for yourself or as a telecommuting employee. You are
responsible for your schedule, and while this is certainly a
major attraction for many home workers, you do need to make
time to get everything done. Some people split their days
into a daytime block (4-6) hours and then a nighttime block
(2-3) hours, so that they can be with their families.

Throwing your hats in the ring.
As a home business owner, you have to wear a lot of hats,
especially when you're first starting out. You'll be
fulfilling all these roles: Human Resources, Information
Technology, Accounting, and Marketing - and that's in
addition to doing the "work" you're actually paid for. Make
sure you budget time, energy - and money - to take care of
these other functions.

Yes, I'm here, but I'm not here!
The other side of the "isolation" coin for business owners
working from home is boundaries. If you're not careful, work
can "invade" your personal life. Make a schedule and stick
to it - know when you're working and when you're being part
of your family. Let your family know that just because
you're physically present doesn't mean you're "available."

Save here, spend there.
The good news is you'll probably save money o要 automobile
wear-and-tear, gas, and business clothing by working from
home. The downside is that you'll need working capital to
begin your business and also for unexpected emergencies.
(Remember #6 above - You're the IT person, and if your
computer dies - guess who's paying for a new o要e?)

Susan, let go of your brother's hair.
One of the key reasons many people give for wanting to work
from home is to be able to take care of children, but be
realistic about what you really can accomplish if you're
caring full-time for o要e or more children. When they're
small, you're doing everything for them, and that's
time-consuming. As they get older, they can do more for
themselves, but may also want more of your attention. Yes,
you have flexibility with your hours, but if your plan is to
work full-time hours from home, you'll almost certainly need
to factor in some "non-you" childcare hours each day.

You have now entered the business zone.
In many cities, townships, etc., you can o要ly legally run a
business from your home if your neighborhood is zoned for
business. Many small business owners are able to operate
"under the radar" as long as neighborhood traffic is not
impacted. Others always visit clients at the client's place
of business, so the o要ly "business" they're conducting at
home is the actual work to produce their service or product.
Check your local laws to see what's needed.

By and large, most people who work from home really enjoy
the freedom and flexibility it offers. But not all. Before
you quit your "day" job, or get new business cards printed,
make sure working from home is the best choice for you, your
family, and your business!

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