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Title: 3 Gurus' Secret Strategies(457)
Date: Monday, October 03 @ 16:35:15
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Title: 3 Gurus' Secret Strategies

Author: Rick Tanzo

"We're trying to build something lasting." - Jeff Bezos, founder

"The rest of the industry is trying to copy our every move
again, just like in the '80s... we've got Microsoft copying us
again too. And I don't mind. I don't mind." - Steve Jobs, CEO of
Apple Computer

"In all of our activities, we take a long-term view." - Bill
Gates, Microsoft Corporation founder

Vision, innovation, wisdon and hard work are but four of the
skills and techniques Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
employed from the very beginning of their business experience.
The three started out as small business entrepreneurs. They
didn't have much capital to spare, and neither did they locate
their businesses in prized locations.

They succeeded nevertheless. This article analyzes the factors
for their success and presents the lessons learned in the form
of business tips. The home based business owner has much to
learn from the three titans' wisdom and experience.

Lesson 1 from Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos built the foundation of from the garage of
his two-bedroom house rented outside of Seattle. He fashioned
his first office tables from wooden doors, angle brackets, and
two-by-four lumber purchased from Home Depot.

Tip No. 1

Be modest in your initial investment. For example, your laptop
or PC shall not necessarily be top of the line. Your office
location could be the corner of your living room, kitchen,
bedroom, basement or garage. Save o要 office rent by all means.
Be like Jeff Bezos who spent prudently and succeeded.

Lesson 2 from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a homegrown entrepreneur. He started his home
based business from the garage of his mother's home. In tough
times like in 1998, he pulled out of his sleeves the business
basics he learned way back from his home business days. He is
basically an innovator. Steve Jobs is the brain of the graphical
user interface (GUI) that is the standard feature of today's

Tip No. 2

Innovate. You, too, can introduce innovation to your own home
business. Examine every aspect of your business operation and
change o要e or two ways of conducting your enterprise.

Take a closer look at the way you conduct your business. The
purpose is to come up with innovative ways that will result in
growth and improved profitability.

Lesson 3 from Bill Gates

Before Bill Gates became an entrepreneur, he had nurtured the
vision that software will o要e day rule the world. During high
school he spent many late nights with friend Paul Allen
tinkering with the school's computer system.

Bill Gates secured mighty IBM's contract to supply the latter's
operating system. When he was negotiating with the IBM people,
he had no operating system as yet. He was able to buy a Disk
Operating System or DOS from another developer for a measly $50
thousand. Of course he got the contract with IBM.

Tip No. 3

You can learn from Bill Gates by having your own vision for your
small business. Lay down this vision in your mind. Then put it
into writing. Read your vision everyday while at work in your
small corner of the house. Your vision could be as short-term as
the following:

- "To make my web site land within the top five of Google when
people search for the keywords 'home based business'"

Lesson 4 from Jeff Bezos

When Amazon was struggling to make profits for the first time,
only its founder Jeff Bezos believed that the company's business
goal could be achieved in a year's time. Jeff Bezos was highly
motivated and he had his vision clearly etched in his mind.
Everybody was astounded when Jeff Bezos achieved his goal after
only o要e year.

Tip No. 4

You should motivate yourself to succeed. The lesson that could
be learned from Jeff Bezos is to lay down and make known in
clear fashion your goal to every stake holder of your small
business. They include your spouse and your web designer, among

Lesson 5 from Steve Jobs

To Steve Jobs, there is no detail in his business as to escape
his watchful eye. He scrutinizes the look and feel of every
product initiative his company engages in.

Tip No. 5

You too must be thorough in your home based business like Steve
Jobs. Examine every detail of your small business - from
conceptualizing your niche to managing your o要line presence.

Lesson 6 from Bill Gates

Bill Gates belatedly recognized the tremendous role of the
Internet in business developments. Before 1994 he downplayed the
future of the Internet. But upon awakening and realized his
mistake, he put his heart and mind to incorporating the effects
of the technological changes brought upon by the Internet in all
his company's products and services.

Tip No. 6

Choose products and services for your small business that are
preferred by people at this time when the Internet is dominating
people's lives. For example, it has been determined that
information products and web shopping are favored by most
consumers. Keep stock of research findings.

Lesson 7 from Jeff Bezos

It is said that change is the o要e single permanent thing o要 this
planet. Amazon changed the way it does business through the
years. First it was an o要line book seller. Next it expanded into
selling music and videos. Its competitors have a hard time
catching up with Jeff Bezos' innovative offerings.

Tip No. 7

Your home based business should be run like Amazon. You could be
selling your single information product now. Two weeks from
today you will have added another back-end product. Next month
you will have introduced into your product line the inventory of
the affiliate program you have joined in.

If your web site is content based, you should be adding new
content every day. Casual visitors to your web site will become
your regular visitors when they see new content every time they
come back to your site. And these visitors will in the end
become your regular customers.

Lesson 8 from Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos and his wife were the first employees at Amazon.
Their work ethic was marked with hard work and consistency,
among others. These traits were handed down to their employees
through the years.

Steve Jobs was a multimillionaire when he came back to Apple
Computer in 1997. The company was not performing well. Yet he
always loves to work and likes challenges.

Bill Gates has all the billions in the world. He is the world's
richest man. He goes to work everyday nevertheless and works
like there's no tomorrow.

Tip No. 8

Emulate the work ethic of the three business titans. To succeed
and last long in your Internet business, you should work hard
and think hard to put your business o要line in the fastest and
frugal manner possible. The important thing to consider is to
start and put your small business o要line early and rapidly.
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Lesson 9 from Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Amazon was among the first, if not the first, to adopt o要line
book retailing. When the major book sellers - Barnes & Noble and
Borders Books, among others - realized this new way of selling
books, Amazon was miles ahead. Jeff Bezos surveyed the Internet
horizon and embraced the best technology o要 sight.

Steve Jobs has always been wanting to change the standard look
of computers. He is a master of the aesthetics. In 1984 and 1997
we were astonished - and surprised - with the introduction and
re-introduction of Apple computer models. Each time there was a
new looking Mac and iBook.

Bill Gates has been into new technological advances. Microsoft
edged out Apple in applying for copyright license of the
podcasting gadget. And he find blogging cool.

Tip No. 9

Be among the first to embrace technology. And be original. Be
warned though that new technologies come and go. Some of these
technologies enable you to run your business fast and easy.
Other technologies rob you of your money. Your duty is to
examine each technology and assimilate the best into your own
home based business.

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