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Hit The Bulls Eye With Your Advertising(429)
Date: Friday, September 16 @ 06:01:25
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Hit The Bulls Eye With Your Advertising

Copyright © 2005 Trey Pennewell
the Phantom Writers

To help make your o≠nline business a successful venture you need
to take advantage of targeted advertising as frequently as
possible. Targeted advertising means that you are advertising
primarily to those who may actually purchase your product or
service. This means that instead of spending your advertising
dollars o≠n trying to reach everyone, you o≠nly reach those that
may already be interested in what you have to offer. o≠ne way to
achieve targeted advertising is to use free reprint articles or
custom written articles that will ultimately reach your targeted

There are numerous examples of targeted advertising. o≠ne example
would be that childrenís toys are advertised o≠n television during
Saturday morning cartoon instead of during episodes of the
Peopleís Court or Judge Judy. You will also see ads targeted at
men and women. For example, menís products are heavily advertised
during sports shows such as football and NASCAR. Yet another
example is that the Wall Street Journal carries different
advertisements in it, than does the National Enquirer, because
these two publications usually reach very different audiences.
These are just some generalized examples of what is meant when
I talk of targeted advertising.

Why have advertisers been doing this for years? Because it is
shown to be effective and cost efficient. It would be silly to
advertise childrenís toys during the overnight hours when most
of the children are sleeping. It would also not make sense to
advertise products targeted towards senior citizens during
cartoons. Advertisers want to advertise to those who may actually
have an interest in their product or service. Billboards have
long shown to be very ineffective and expensive. A billboard
advertises to everyone that drives by it instead of focusing
on a target audience.

How does all this apply to your o≠nline business? You need to
start hitting your targeted audience with your advertising. o≠ne
easy, effective, and inexpensive method of doing this is through
free reprint articles. Free reprint articles are articles that
you write and then have distributed in ezines and newsletters.
You write the article offering information that the reader will
find useful or entertaining, and the hope is that the reader will
then use the authors text box at the bottom of the article to
visit your website. A distribution service can help you get o≠ne
of these free reprint articles placed into dozens of ezines and
newsletters if the article is well written. You will include a
small text box at the bottom that offers information about
yourself and a link back to your o≠nline business website.

These free reprint articles will go out to all of these ezines
and newsletters and the publisher of each of those will decide
whether or not to use your article. This is where the targeted
marketing comes into play. A publisher will determine if the
article is relevant to his or her subscribers. If the publisher
decides that it is relevant, the publisher will include it in
their next publication. For example, lets say that your o≠nline
business deals with pet care and you write an article about the
best diet for a certain breed of pet. This will not be picked up
by a computer technology publisher, but will be picked up by all
of the publications that have to deal with pets and animals. This
is a very easy way to reach your targeted audience. It is also
relatively cheap considering that all you have to pay for is the
distribution service if you write the article yourself.

Some people do not feel comfortable with their own writing or
simply do not have the time or energy to do the writing. If you
are o≠ne of these people there are always ghostwriters for hire
who will do the work for you. You can then publish this work as
your own, with your information in the text box and the link back
to your o≠nline business. Ghostwriters know that you will be
placing your name or a pen name in the article as the author, and
they agree to surrender to their clientís any and all copyrights
to the article.

If you want to reach your targeted audience in an easy,
inexpensive, and effective manner then consider the use of the
free reprint articles to reach your potential customers. Whether
you write the articles yourself or pay a ghostwriter it will
be a worthwhile investment. Even paying a ghostwriter and the
distribution service, you will still be getting more bang for
your buck than if you were to simply place an ad that is targeted
to everyone. Remember, these ezines and newsletters that carry
your articles will be going to people who are already interested
in the topic that you deal with. Get started today and watch the
new customers roll in.


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