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How To Gain A Customer Base From Mailing Lists?(398)
Date: Tuesday, August 23 @ 20:48:21
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How To Gain A Customer Base From MailingLists

Building up email address lists of potential and real customers is
important in order to convert traffic into sales. People who are interested
in the issue of a website can be informed regularily about special
offers and news. A good email address list of buying customers is a good
tool for the customer relationship management.

Different sources of catching mailing lists:

1. A smart and correct way to begin

Opt in email lists or safelists are a smart and correct way to build up
an email address list from scratch with potential customers. These
lists are well maintained and updated. The people on the address list have
approved to receive promotional mailings. Targeted email lists are
available. The email services do the mailings through their systems. The
merchant does not need a software and bandwith for an email server.
Everything is hassle free. The response by the audience is affirmative, if
the mailings are appealing.

2. Bulk Email Lists

New website owners often try to generate traffic quickly with the use
of bulk email lists. Email lists with up to millions of email addresses
are offered. The response to such mailings in bulk is often low. Some
addresses are outdated, some mailings are filtered out by
Anti-SPAM-Systems, some people get upset by the mailings. Merchants take the related
risks, if they expect that about 200 of 100,000 addressed people buy a

3. A sly trick

Some merchants collect email addresses about other merchants in the
internet. They check the email addresses of classified ads or other kind
of ads. There are names and email addresses on all classified ads. This
merchants send their offers to the other merchants in the hope to find
an interested audience in them. I get this kind of mailings almost
daily. These people, however, display their email addresses to me and they
offer me a chance to re-invite them to my website or special affiliate

4. Clever and appreciated

Web sites can offer the interested audience to sign up for free
services, e.g. a newsletter about tips or specials, tutorials, ebooks, games.
The people who sign up are usually interested in this kind of services
and show some sympathy to the website. Most of the people do not buy
after the first visit of a website, but a lot of people appreciate it to
receive attention. Some of them buy sooner or later from a website, if
the website owner can keep in touch with them by regular mailings.

5. Customer relationship management

Email address lists that have been gathered from potential or buying
customers have to be maintained carefully. The audience should be
provided with regular mailings about recent news and special offers. A broad
base of buying customers is a valuable asset of every business. It is an
old wisdom: Its easier to stay with loyal customers than to gain new

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