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Turn Your Articles Into a Viral Traffic Stampede(393)
Date: Wednesday, August 17 @ 16:34:31
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Turn Your Articles Into a Viral Traffic Stampede

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By writing articles you can send targeted traffic to your website at
any time without paying a single cent. Articles are one of the best
online marketing investments you can make because you write them once
and they send you instant visitors each and every day. The more
articles you have circulating the internet, the more targeted traffic
they will send to your site.

Now, you may be thinking that writing just isn't your thing, but I'm
about to show you just how easy it can be.Read on to find out a simple
method that will have you ripping out articles in record time.

1. Killer title - The first step is to create a killer title. Authors
know that the difference between a bestseller and a dud can come
simply through the title of a book. The same thing goes for articles.
You must grab the reader out of their chair with an attention-grabbing
title. Here are a few to get you started.

Powerful Secret that pulls in thousands of devoted subscribers
3 Strategies that will triple your conversion rate
7 Overlooked Methods that Drive Daily Traffic to your Site
How to Get 1000+ Targeted Visitors a Day
5 Ways to Generate More Traffic Next Week.
Instant Traffic With Expired Domains

2. Grab your audience with an eye-opening introductory sentence. An
example might be:

Did you know that 90% of all traffic comes from search engines? Are
you taking advantage of this traffic goldmine?

Next, you would uncover your valuable information in the body of the

3. The body of the article is the main course of the entire juicy
feast. A simple way is to create an outline You could use:

Problem 1 > Solution 1 > Problem 2 > Solution 2 , etc.

If you're writing a "tips" article, you can simply write about each
tip, divided into paragraphs.

Make sure your articles are fast and fun. Use bullets, numbered lists,
and sub-headings to make it easy to read.

4. Summarize your article with a call to action. End your article by
summarizing the main points and getting the reader to take action.

5. Next is one of the most crucial steps: a powerful resource box.
This is a 3-6 line ad that sends readers to your website. To get
readers to click you must offer a strong benefit. Don't try to sell in
your resource box. You must first establish a relationship. So first,
try to get them subscribed to your newsletter or autoresponder. Entice
them with a free offer. Here is an example of a powerful resource box:

Alli Ross, is the wacky marketing chick at . She also publishes a newsletter packed
with powerful tips that will send hundreds of targeted visitors to
your site. Grab your power-packed newsletter at .

Your resource box should include your name, your website address, a
strong benefit, and a call to action.

Each of your articles has the potential to send you hundreds of
visitors. Short articles perform the best, usually 200 - 600 words. Be
sure that each of your articles contains a killer title with an
attention-grabbing opener. Continue your article with a body packed
with great info. People won't come to your site if you don't provide
valuable information. Do not load the body of your article with links
back to your site. This will lower the acceptance of the articles for
reprint by other publishers. Allow your resource box to flood your
site with quality traffic and soon you will be on your way to
increased visitors and increased sales.

Alli Ross, is the wacky marketing chick at also publishes a blog packed with
powerful tips that will send hundreds of targeted visitors to your
site. Grab your power-packed traffic at

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