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My Top 7 Favorite Ecommerce Tools (388)
Date: Saturday, August 13 @ 15:35:02
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My Top 7 Favorite Ecommerce Tools

Author: Jim Edwards

When you make your living o要 the Internet, you sometimes forget
that the resources you use every day (and take for granted)
might rate an incredible discovery to anyone who doesn't already
know they exist.

Whether they help you make money, save time, save money, or
avoid frustration, these ecommerce tools and services rate my
highest recommendation for anyone who conducts any form of
ecommerce o要line. -

If you sell a downloadable product such as an ebook, report, or
software, you can't beat ClickBank for processing credit card
payments. Not o要ly do they take the payments and send you a
check twice a month, they also plug your product into an
existing network with tens-of-thousands of affiliates who can
sell it for you. Also, unlike a traditional merchant credit card
processing account, ClickBank assumes all the fraud risk and
prevents many of the "horror" stories you hear in connection
with o要line credit card processing. -

Since ClickBank o要ly allows the sale of downloadable products, comes to the rescue for anyone selling a
physical product or service. Offering a suite of integrated
product catalogs, follow up autoresponders, advertising
tracking, a secure server, and even limited-time coupon offers,
this tool rates a "must have" for setting up and integrating a
professional ecommerce solution o要 virtually any size website. -

If you need an unlimited number of follow up autoresponders and
the ability to send an email "broadcast" to all your contacts at
one time, Aweber offers an excellent managed solution.
Specializing in helping small to medium-sized Web businesses
implement an effective email follow-up strategy without
complicated software, Aweber gets our highest marks for service
and dependability. -

Cheap, reliable, easy-to-use domain name registrar that o要ly
charges $8.95 per year for each domain name you register.
Godaddy rates cheaper and just as, if not more, reliable than
any other domain registrar. They also offer a "private
registration" option that allows you to keep your identity as
the domain owner a secret from unscrupulous people who exploit
domain name records to compile mailing lists, spam databases or
worse. -

Any successful ecommerce endeavor begins with a solid website
hosting service. Nothing shuts you down faster than an
unreliable web host because, the second they go offline, your
business goes offline. I host o要e of my servers at because of great customer service and
guaranteed up-time. -

Ever pulled your hair out searching for that perfect image,
photo, or piece of clipart for your website? o要ce you exhaust
the Microsoft collection o要 your computer, the next stop (if you
want to find something fast) is With thousands of
images searchable by keyword, you can always find the perfect
image in less time and without the worries of copyright
infringement if you just pull something off the Web. -

Website got traffic but no making much money? Open a free
account with Google AdSense and earn a commission any time
someone clicks o要 any of the targeted ads. An excellent way to
earn extra cash o要 virtually any website.

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About the author:
Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator
of an amazing course that will teach you step-by- step and
click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making

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