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How To Increase Targeted Traffic That Boost Your Income?(385)
Date: Wednesday, August 10 @ 07:32:25
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Title: How To Increase Targeted Traffic That Boost Your Income?

Author: Ryen Kim

There are three corner stones make you rich via Internet
marketing. Whether you're an affiliate, selling your own
products/services, or a web master who seeks extra income
through your web site, these three cornerstones must be
obtained. What are they?
  • good content
  • targeted
  • high conversion rate
So getting rich
in Internet marketing formula is simple. That is, publish a web
site filled with good contents, increase traffic (especially
increase targeted traffic) to your site and convert them to buy
your products/services or click the affiliate link. Your
ultimate goal is getting high conversion rate, I guess :-). But
you must realize that it is achieved by a good content and
succeeding to increase targeted web site traffic. A good content
helps to increase targeted traffic and together with targeted
traffic the high conversion rate will be guaranteed.

I'll focus o要 how to increase targeted web site traffic.

The sources of traffic

First, let me point out the difference between traffic and
targeted traffic. Suppose you have a web site about golf tips
and o要e of your keywords is 'golf'. Hopefully many people will
come to your site using the search term 'golf'. But some of them
will leave your web site forever and never come back because
they were looking for information about Volkswagen golf. I know
this is exaggeration, but the point is that the traffic from the
search engine is the mixture of targeted traffic and bystanders.

Does that mean you can ignore search engine optimization?

No, not really! It just means that not all of them are your
targeted traffic.

Directory listing is similar to this case. Although people
drill down and find relevant category, traffic from directory
still includes bystanders.

In terms of targeted traffic, what I would like to say is:

Suppose you have 100 hours to invest for increasing targeted web
site traffic, spend about 30 hours for search engine
optimization and directory listing. The other effort of 70 hours
must go to increase targeted traffic.

The more effort should go to:
  • Getting relevant inbound
    link, and
  • Publishing your own free article o要 the
Somebody might be ready to be against me about
this. But think about your ultimate goal, high conversion rate!
Actually the volume of traffic doesn't matter as long as
conversion rate is concerned. What brings you the high
conversion rate,thus more sales, is the targeted traffic. And
they are coming from external relevant links and your free
articles published in other web master's web page.

Certainly, the volume of traffic driven by inbound link and
article is less than that driven by search engine or directory.
But it is quality traffic (targeted traffic) that is more
friendly to be converted. This why it's better to pay more
attention to getting inbound link and writing articles.

Why getting inbound link is important to increase targeted

First, let's withdraw a myth: the more links, the better. Not
true! o要ly relevant to your site theme will work for you.

The importance of getting inbound link is two fold.

  • The visitors coming from a relevant link are more likely be
    happy with your site because they're the people you're
    targeting. When targeted visitors came to your site, it's more
    likely to accept your product. This is the beauty of targeted

  • Getting relevant link helps you to be indexed in search
    engine and listed in directory. What's more is it really helps
    you to be ranked or positioned high in search engine result

Why writing an article is important to increase targeted

It's the fact that there are thousands of content starving web
masters and e-zine publishers. o要ce you make your article that
is related to your site theme freely available for them, they'll
publish your article o要 their web sites or e-zines.

The tool that brings you the targeted traffic is 'Resource Box'.
At the end of your article, provide resource box and promote
your web site link. It is convention that your resource box is
intact so that the reader will visit your web site. By this, you
can make even other site work for you. What's more important is
that those visitors are highly targeted traffic. As a result
this strategy becomes a win-win strategy: the web masters who
use your article get what they want and you get the targeted

Writing article should be encouraged, if you want to increase
targeted traffic. However, it seems people tend to hold back if
they have to write. To publish 400-500 words article isn't
difficult if you know how to. You can find detailed illustration
about how writing an article helps you increase targeted traffic
and how to do it at Jim and Dallas Edwards' href="">Turn Words
into Traffic".

Tips to increase targeted traffic

Getting inbound link is also known as exchange links. The
procedure of exchange links is four steps. First, find relevant
web site. Second, you make a link in your web site. Third, send
an e-mail to the web master of that web site. And finally wait
just wait. You never know he/she will link back.

It's very time consuming job and the result is generally
depressing. Here are two tips......
  • Try Ken Evoy's href="">free
    value-exchange program. He use the word "value", and it
    actually means "quality and relevance". o要ce you register, which
    is free, you'll soon be getting request from other web masters
    with quality and relevance sites to exchange links with
  • Put your effort publishing free articles. It not
    only increase guaranteed targeted web site traffic but also gets
    you lots of external links all coming to your web site. I can't
    write the detailed beauty of publishing your free article and
    how to do that because of space restriction. You can find
    detailde informaition at Jim and Dallas Edwards' href="">"Turn Your
    Words into Traffic".

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