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Can You Really Earn MONEY As An Affiliate? (350)
Date: Wednesday, July 13 @ 07:50:47
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Can You Really Earn MONEY As An Affiliate?

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The answer is a most definite yes!

After researching the topic of Affiliate Marketing for a
few months (I like to be thorough!) I decided to run a
little test and see if I could earn some real money not
pennies. I used strategies that top marketers appear to
have been using for years and to my surprise and delight
the results were simply amazing.

Over 1 month I wrote 3 ebooks and started my own
newsletter. Im now starting to see results and am very
impressed with the financial rewards Im receiving. Best
of all, some of the cash is a monthly recurring amount that
will simply be paid into my bank account each and every
month without me having to do anymore work to get it as
my daughter says, cool!

How am I earning money without my own website? I simply
include relevant affiliate links in my ebooks, articles,
reports and monthly newsletter. I also make sure that each
email I send to a customer includes 1 relevant, recommended
affiliate merchant link in the main body and of course, I
also include my own website links as part of my signature.
I already have the customers trust so get a high response

Writing articles and ebooks is a fantastic way of
generating targeted traffic to your website (if you have
one) which in turn generates more sales and that means more
money :). I sell my ebooks on the Worlds biggest
billboard Ebay!

So far all of my ebooks have resell rights included.
Basically, I sell 50 copies of each ebook, from just 1p,
and then hopefully at least 1% of the buyers will resell it
for me and then 1% of their buyers, etc., etc. While
everyone else is busy selling my ebook I get to work on the
next one. Im not really bothered about making money from
selling the ebook as Im more interested in earning
commission from the affiliate links inside it.

I have Outlook set up as an auto responder so that when
Paypal send me a payment notification, an email is
immediately send to my buyer so they can download their
eBook. I follow up a few days later asking if theyd like
to sign up to my monthly newsletter and offer them another
free eBook every month as an incentive. Now I can get some
of my affiliate links in front of them every month without
too much effort required.

Hopefully, you see the potential in affiliate marketing and
are maybe considering it yourself so youre probably asking
where to begin writing your own ebook or article. I found
a brilliant website with pre-written articles on health and
wellbeing. Health is an area that never seems to go out of
fashion so is always popular and therefore anything
relevant sells very well.

I take the pre-written content, dress it up and add my own
affiliate links to basically make it my own. Again, the
ebooks always have a link to my website and newsletter sign
up. Ive found that usually after 3 or 4 months I start to
see my affiliate links working their magic for me and
depositing cash in my bank account.

3 or 4 months may seem like a long time to wait for the
money to roll in but once you start to reap the rewards you
should hopefully continue to reap them for years to come so
its definitely worth the initial wait.

Now Ive successfully tested the market and am more than
happy with the results, I intend to make it a top priority
to write at least 1 new ebook and article every week and
multiply my profits. I know its a clich but, if I can do
it then anyone can! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you found
it both helpful and inspiring. If youre interested in
affiliate marketing then I recommend you dont delay any
longer and just go for it. For more detailed information
and resources just visit my website.

Warmest Wishes

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