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They Can Hardly Wait to Put Your Articles on Their(272)
Date: Tuesday, April 12 @ 14:47:03
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"They Can Hardly Wait to Put Your Articles on Their
by Susan Dunn, Coach

Writing articles for the Internet is an effective and
cost-free way to promote your services and products. It can
also establish your expertise in your area if you're a
coach, therapist or author. You can submit your articles to
websites which will archive them for others to use in their
publications, In exchange for your free writing, you get
publicity from your byline. one such site is

So how do you insure you write articles people will want to
read, and articles that site visitors will choose for their
publications so you can participate in this win-win
opportunity? Here are some tips.


Your goal is to establish yourself as a good writer who has
interesting, informative, or entertaining things to say.
While the Internet is inclusive, it is also selective.
Everyone's welcome, but while many are called while few are
chosen. If you get rated A+ on ideamarketers, for instance,
this flags you as a provider of better-than-average
material, so seekers may lookyou're your articles first.

In the writers' world, it quickly becomes known who's
offering quality material and who isn't.

THEREFORE, learn to write well, and take the time to polish
your articles. Check your spelling and grammar and clean up
the typos. Make sure what you have to say is worth writing,
and then make it as good as you can. When you have
established yourself as someone who writes good material,
publishers will look for YOUR articles, and website owners
will also come to you to request your articles, and to ask
you to be a featured writer or to be syndicated on their
site. Then imagine your reach!


A one-shot wonder is what you DON'T want to be. Resist the
temptation to think you must write everything you know in
one article. Not only is this not necessary, it's not
advised, because where do you go from there? In this case
both quality AND quantity count.

If you're writing for promotional purposes, you need to be
able to create a steady stream of material. This mean
approaching your topic from as many angles as possible. You
don't need to say everything you know in one article, and
knowing that takes removes a lot of pressure. People learn
in bits and pieces, and folks these days have shorter
attention spans, so you can plan on writing about smaller
sub-topics more frequently.


How do you get ideas for articles that will appeal? First
take a look at what's out there. Visit, or and see what others
are writing about.

In addition, learn what the hot topics are. To do this,
stay current. Listen to the news, read the newspaper, check
out the entry sites such as msn, visit chatrooms, and listen
to the folks around you. While issues remain the same over
time (what Aristotle had to say about anger applies even
MORE today than it did way back then), there are new buzz
words and new applications to which you can add your own
spin. An example of this is the famous Holmes and Rahe
Stress Scale which was written over 10 years ago. Many of
the greatest stressors today don't even appear on their

Then, like a matrix, take your topic and relate it to the
following suggestions. I'll give you an example for each.

1. The time of year.

It's spring and we think of "spring cleaning." If you sell
grills, tell them how to clean up their grills for the
season; if you're a business coach, tell them how to do some
spring cleaning around their office; if you're an IT person,
tell them how to clean off their computer and offer a
special on spring cleaning.

Read the "national months' calendar, i.e., National
Depression Month, or National Step-Parenting Month. You can
shorten your time by checking out an e-card site. They
often offer cards for occasions they'll identify for you.

2. Holidays.

Don't forget the more obscure holidays, and the
multicultural ones. In December, for instance, it's not
just about Christmas. Many cultures have a celebration this
time of year.

Let's take Halloween, for example. I've written about using
your EQ for safety, and for helping your introverted child
enjoy himself or herself. I have also sent recipes and
party planning ideas, and how the holiday got started, which
is "general interest."

3. National events you can pig-tail onto.

You can comment on just about any national event from the
fall of the SEC chairman to the major league playoffs.
Politics, sports, movie star fiascos, new bestsellers and
the marriage of the king of England are all fruitful
territory! How could you hook YOUR field into that? Start
thinking, and the ideas will come to you. Express your
opinion, or rant and rave. Take a look at to
see what fun others are having.

4. Different age groups.

If, for instance, you're writing about nutrition, you can
relate it to babies, children, adolescents, adults, and
seniors. The same would apply for self-esteem, depression,
vocabulary, etc.


There are coaches who work in this area. Avail yourself of
their expertise, and save yourself a lot of time. They can
help you with your writing style, as well as helping you
generate ideas, and guide you to submission outlets.

Susan Dunn, MA, Marketing Coach, . Coaching, consultation,
ebooks and Internet courses to help you market on the
Internet. Article-writing and submission. Ghost writing.
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