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7 Crucial Elements of Visitor Friendly Websites
Date: Tuesday, February 22 @ 02:29:46
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7 Crucial Elements of Visitor Friendly Websites
Copyright 2005 Peter Lenkefi

Approximately a decade has passed by since the birth of
Internet commerce and o­nline service users and shoppers
have grown up.

They know what they're looking for, they know where to get
it from and they grab it in an instant. They're in and out
of your virtual shop in a second. They're fast and
furious...especially if the can't find what they were
looking for.

So how can we make them stick? How can we make them coming

Well, here are 7 crucial elements which can significantly
help to solve this basic problem if applied properly.

1. Consistency in layout and navigation

According to multiple o­nline surveys visitors prefer sites
where pages have a white background, and the colour text is
black.  Consistency in navigation is a must.

People get used to the navigation system o­n your web page
very easily.  During their
multiple visits they are looking for the same navigation
points, and if they can't find them where they were at
their previous visits, they get confused and leave.

Use the same colour scheme all the way through your pages.
Try to match colours and design your pages simply but
tastefully. If you are not a designer type, don't be shy to
ask for help or to purchase a simple pre-designed template.

Nowadays lots of sites offer beautifully designed web page
templates. They can be easily modified,handled and tailored
to your needs.

2. Clear Copy, More Sales!

Try to be as clear as you can. Don't use jargon or
complicated expert language. That would definitely scare
your visitors away.

Highlight benefits but also show features if necessary.
Write from the heart. You need to show your visitors that
you are an expert, and also an authority. In other words,
they need to feel that you know your stuff.

3. Fast Loading pages

Stay away from image heavy design, use text navigation and
if your sales copy or page happens to be too long, break
down your pages into small tables. This will significantly
speed up your web pages loading time.

4. Headlines, taglines, logos : Brand It!

Use shorter headlines or calls to action o­n every page if

Headlines will make your visitors read further down your

Use taglines all the way through o­n your pages to brand
your site and highlight your unique selling proposition.

Show your logo o­n each and every page to give a better
chance to further brand your product, service or company.

5. Personal photos, addresses, phone numbers: Build

Online commerce is a faceless process. People still pretty
reluctant to pull out their credit card and give you a buck
or two. You need to ease their reluctance as much as you

The easiest and fastest way is to put your company address
and phone number o­nto each and every page. That would
immediately show that they're dealing with a real company
or person.

Put up a about us page and upload a personal photo of

That will definitely build instant credibility.

6. Audio greetings and customer testimonials.

With nifty little audio tools now you can create a short
audio greeting and put it up to your web site. The human
voice will significantly build more credibility ands help
to turn visitors into buyers.

Collect testimonials from your previous customers and put
up the best o­nes to you web pages. New visitors will see
that you have been in business for a long time and made
dozens even hundreds of people happy with your products or

7. Be available and answer enquiries promptly

Whenever you receive a customer enquiry via email answer as
fast as you can. Fast prompt enquiries will convert to
sales very soon and will separate you from the lousy pack.
Collect generic enquiries write up the answers and put up a
page as your FAQ center.

Peter Lenkefi is the co-founder and CIO of
Australia/USA/Hungary based o­nline marketing consulting
firm, the home of the o­nline
Selling System. Peter and his team have helped dozens of
small o­nline business owners to get their ventures off the
ground fast and o­n budget

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