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Advertising doesn't pays!
Date: Saturday, January 01 @ 12:24:26
Topic Advertising Techniques

Author: Robert Kennedy

Well this has been a busy day. I am truly fatigued. So I may cut
my writings today short, but not cheap. We set a sales record
today and entered more new printing orders than any other day
since our inception in 1989. Today was a banner day…great.

What I want to write about today was advertising… 1) When should
I advertise? 2) How should I advertise? 3) How much of a budget
should I allow?

These are the three BASIC questions each business needs to
answer before listing in any advertising campaign, o­nline or
offline. I will address each of these points very briefly in a
matter of opinion.

1)When should I advertise? When you’re busy. Many businesses
make the mistake of advertising when they are not busy. This
will often lead to the ‘feast or famine’ result. The time to
advertise is always. If you need to start somewhere advertise
when you are busy and watch the peeks and valleys level out.
2)How often should I advertise? Repetition is good, it helps
create brand awareness. Find the venue that works best for you
and stick with it. Keep flow charts running so you can calculate
return. Advertising, done properly doesn’t cost…it pays. 3)How
much of a budget should I allow? This answer usually comes from
your business plan. Work your plan and plan your work. If you
come in under budget and achieved or exceed projected results
put the funds into growth of your business.

Here are a few free tips that may help you:

Tip 1 Do me a favor. The next time you are shopping at your
local Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Tops, create a third eye for
ADVERTISING. Walk the isles you would normally walk and buy the
items you would normally buy. At the same time, keep your third
eye opened. You will begin to recognize some common factors.
Signage colors, placement of merchandise, free sample booths or
aroma of baked goods. Allow these corporate giants to show you
some advertising psychology that has proven success and apply
these concepts in your world. Helpful Links Psychology of color- What do you see? How does color
affect your mood?

Tip 2 If you are an o­nline business, exposure to search engines
is becoming increasing difficult. Search engines are where most
websites receive visitors from. o­nce your website is completed
and ready for business submit it to search engines, guides and
directories. Especially the more prominent o­nes such as Google,
Yahoo, MSN. You may even want to consider a paid listing at
Yahoo. Google offers AdWords and AdSense, great programs.
AdSense offers you revenue opportunities fir running text ads o­n
your site. Every time the ads get clicked Google will pay you.
On the other side there is AdWords. AdWords offer you an
opportunity to advertise your product offerings in the text ads
that appear o­n there search pages. In both cases all you need to
do is apply: AdWords-
AdSense- How to make money with

Tip 3 Design and print quality marketing material. So many
businesses try to cut costs in the wrong areas, when it comes
down to your image don’t cheap out. Also do not forget to print
your website address all of your company’s printing and
marketing material. It would surprise you the amount of times I
see this being overlooked. Keep all of your expensive, high
quality printing brief in content and more about image. Why, you
might ask? Unfortunately, in my business I have seen my share of
wasted printed matter because someone didn’t proof read the
properly, product information changed or prices changed. Display
all of this information o­n your website, changes are far easier
and cheaper to implement. Helpful links: Full Color Business
Cards with Free Coating- The
importance of Logo Branding-
Download Business Templates-

Well that’s about it for me today, I’m o­n my way to Walmart.

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