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Six Ways To Create a Keyword-Rich Domain Name
Date: Tuesday, December 21 @ 18:30:59
Topic Domain Names An effective domain name can help to brand your site. It can
also communicate to your customers the types of products you
sell o­nline. An easy to remember domain that describes your
services should be the goal of every site owner. Here are some
techniques that you can use to create the best domain name for
your company.

Describe your products or services o­ne way to come up with an
effective domain name is to describe your product or services.
Write down every word or phrase that comes to mind when you
think of your product or service. The easiest way is to keep
writing for two to five minutes without stopping. It’s a
creative writing technique that can yield a huge cache of
keywords that you can plug into any registration application
until you find a domain name that fits. This technique is
effective, quick and free.

English has a large vocabulary list The English language has o­ne
of the largest vocabulary lists in the world. If you can’t find
a way to describe a product or service, take a break, come back
in a few minutes and try again. Try to see how many different
ways you can say the same thing. You already have access to the
vocabulary list and ideally you will know your product or
service better than anyone else. Pretend that you’re describing
it to a friend and in a few minutes you will have a long list of
words that you can use as your domain name.

Most short words are taken Yes, many of the shorter words such
as “men”, “women” and “book” are taken. In today’s marketplace,
you can’t rely o­n such generic terms to bring in traffic. An
effective, memorable domain name must go beyond being a novelty
to being an asset that helps customers remember your site and
your product. Try putting two or three words together. This will
make it easier for them to come back to your site and make a

Brainstorm your way to a great domain name Brainstorming is the
only way to get a good domain name. Whether you write, use a
name generation software, a dictionary or try random words, it’s
your creative approach that will give you quality results in
less time.

Here are 4 easy domain name generation ideas: 1.Write about the
product(s) that you plan to sell 2.Write about the topic or
theme of your site 3.Write about the type of customers you want
to visit your site 4.Start with o­ne word descriptions and then
add secondary words until your get an effective word or phrase
that you register as your domain name.

Check out your competitor’s websites. Are they using words that
fall into a specific category like product names, rhyming words,
or names of cities? These can all give you clues about what
types of words and descriptions that make the best domain names
for your type of service. It can also give you some clues into
what works best with customers and search engines. In this case,
you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just tweak it a bit to
get better results.

You’ll also have words for your Search Engine Marketing Campaign
The cool thing about this technique is that it will also help
you to generate a list of words that you can use later o­n as
part of your search engine optimization campaign. Whether you
plan to do this o­n your own or through a Pay-Per-Click service,
you will be ahead of the game with a long list of keywords to
choose from.

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