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Choosing Domain Names for Professional Sites: Six Guidelines
Date: Thursday, December 02 @ 18:32:23
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GoDaddy $1.99 Domain Name Sale A professional or business site is o要e where the primary purpose
of the site is to facilitate business transactions. You can sell
items directly o要line or exclusively offline, but the result is
the same. You want customers to buy products and/or service
directly from you.

To create a domain name for this type of website here are a few
guidelines: 1. Shorter is better 2. Make the name easy to
pronounce 3. Think long term 4. Stick to Categories and Topics
5. Do a trademark search 6. Always have a tag line

Shorter is better If you want to make real money o要line, try to
keep your domain name as short as possible. In the o要line world,
the choices of where to shop and get information is
overwhelming. A shorter name will instantly be memorable. It is
always easier to remember short words and phrases. A shorter
name is good for word of mouth advertising o要line and offline.
Customers can easily remember the the URL and therefore theyre
more likely to pass it o要 and return to the website. The name
will also stand out when it is printed o要 brochures, business
cards and other business collateral. Liz, Dick, Kate, Feds are
all examples of our incessant need to reduce every term in the
English language to three syllables or less.

Easy to Pronounce If you want a short name, you must be very
creative. To be creative and strategic make sure that your
domain name is easy to pronounce. It is perfectly acceptable to
create a name from scratch, but it must sound like a real word
when you try to say out loud. Any three or four syllable term
will do a long as it easily rolls off the tongue. If you are at
a loss for words, try writing a description of your product or
service o要 paper.

This is a very easy way to come up with those little words that
you can use without losing the meaning of what youre trying to
say. You can also use a dictionary and a thesaurus to come up
with additional words. You can also choose a longer word but
shorten it or use acronyms o要ly. When you decide o要 a domain
name, say it out loud a few times. If it doesnt sound right, go
back to the dictionary and try again.

Think long term You want a domain name that will last a very
long time. If you pick a name that is a slang term or too
cutesy, you could find yourself looking for a new name in a year
or two. This is not the best way to proceed. o要ce you build a
certain level of o要line success, the traffic will follow the
domain name. You dont want to mess with your brand and your
online reputation with redirects and we have moved notices.
Online customer will buy, but o要ly if your site makes it
convenient for them to do so. If you dont see yourself using
the same domain name three to four years from now, get a new
name before you set up your website.

Trademark Searches Do a trademark search. If you build up your
online business and domain name, you dont want to find a court
order ordering you to give it up because it belongs to another
company. Remember, the traffic and therefore your sales will
follow the domain name to the new company.

To do a quick trademark search go to the United States Patent
and Trademark Office ( for domestic
searches and the International Trademark Association
( for international searches. If your name
is cleared, then consider getting a trademark to protect your

Tag line Tag lines are the work horses of the marketing
industry. An interesting, professional tag line can bring you
more word of mouth advertising than you can ever buy from a
search engine company. It will bring your name into random
conversations in newsgroups, newsletters and casual
conversations. This can help you save money o要 paid advertising
and create the ultimate viral marketing campaign without very
little effort.

Keep these six tips handy to brand your domain name and bring in
more site traffic.

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