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7 Email Marketing Best Practices (412)
Posted by: admin

E-mail Marketing

7 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email is the most used service on the Internet and,
doubtless, most useful. Many people use the Internet
only for checking their emails. Email marketing can be
useful only if done right. Otherwise, it can get you
more harm that benefits. However, there are things you
can do in order to ensure that your email marketing
campaign is going to be successful. In this article we
provide you with 7 email marketing best practices.


Deliverability is probably the most important issue in
todays email marketing business. There are many spam
emails and many legitimate emails are flagged as spam
so they are not delivered. They are not getting thru
ISP spam filters. Good deliverability ratio is the
first step in successful email campaign because if
your emails arent delivered then you dont even have
an email campaign!

In order to ensure that your emails will have good
deliverability you have to choose your email marketing
vendors wisely. You have to check if they are on
Blacklist or Whitelist. There are different
organizations like Spamhaus project and SpamAssasin
that have their own lists which are used by ISP. If
your email service provider is blacklisted your emails
wont be delivered! Also, you have to ensure that your
domain name isnt blacklisted. In order to maximize
your deliverability it is recommended that your email
service provider offers Habeas Sender Warranty Email

Using our award-winning Group Mail 5 product, whether
it is Personal Edition or Business Edition you can be
sure that your emails will be delivered because we
have a constant cooperation with ISP.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Your email newsletter should be CAN-SPAM Compliant. It
is recommended that you require double opt-in
subscription so that your subscribers have to confirm
their request to be part of your email newsletter.
Dont add your subscribers without their permission
and you should avoid adding them manually even if you
have their permission. It is good that they do it
using double opt-in method. Also, avoid using
pre-checked subscription boxes. one of the products in
the Group Metrics software called Opt-In manager will
help you to do this easily.

It is essential that you provide your subscribers with
an easy way to unsubscribe from your email newsletter
at any time, when they want. It is good that you offer
one-click unsubscription process with an unique
address. This way there will be much less requests
from your subscribers that you remove them.

CAN-SPAM Law also requires from email publishers that
they include their physical postal address so you
should include it, too. Your have to show your
subscribers that you are legitimate company which have
a presence in offline world, too.

HTML and plain-text versions

It is essential to offer your visitors to choose if
they want to receive your email newsletter in HTML or
plain-text format. It means that you should regularly
send both types. Sending HTML newsletters have more
benefits than plain-text email newsletters. You can
use email tracking only in HTML newsletter with image
embedding, HTML newsletters have better click-thru
ratio because they look like the real web sites. You
can hide long URLs so that they will look

However, some people prefer plain-text versions and
reasons are different. They use email clients that
dont support HTML emails. Another thing is that HTML
newsletter types are larger than plain-text
newsletters. Also, one of the reasons why some people
dont receive HTML emails is security. In HTML
newsletters some people can embed malicious scripts or
use them for phishing (when they pretend that they are
representatives of one company and when people click
on a certain link they are taken to their web site
that is designed almost identically like original). It
is mostly used in financial fraud attempts.

From and Subject fields

Your From and Subject fields are very important for
getting better open ratio and therefore to have
successful email campaign. You have to remember
several simple rules.

It is important that your From field be consistent.
You have to choose one name, whether it will be a
company name or personal name and use it constantly.
Once you change your From field it is most likely that
your open rates will decline.

Speaking about Subject field, it has to be short and
catchy, to grab attention of your subscribers. Your
email has to stand out in usually overloaded inboxes.
It is important that you dont shout so instead of



Exclusive Interview with

It is very good that you make your subject field
standardized and that the title be something related
from the content of that current issue.

For example, if you have a newsletter called Email
Articles your subject line can be something like this:

[Email Articles] How to Improve Your Open Rates,
Issue#10, August 29th, 2005

If your email newsletter has a longer title, for
example, Email Marketing Articles you can use this:

[EMA] How to Improve Your Open Rates, Issue #10,
August 29th, 2005

Personalization & Segmentation

Personalization is connected with Subject fields, too.
Some people like to include first names of their
subscribers in subject lines in order to have better
open ratio.
Personalization is also very effective when it is used
in editors welcome message or in articles.

For example,

Dear !*First_Name*!, welcome to the 10th issue of
Email Marketing Articles.

Powerful email marketing software like Group Mail 5,
beside standard personalization also has if-then
personalization for more advanced users.

Segmentation is the most important part in marketing.
What am I selling and to whom? It is not the same to
sell your software to novice users (newbies) or to
seasoned users (knowbies). Also, it is not the same to
market your software to small business companies and
corporation. It is good that you make a good
segmentation of your email newsletter. Best way to do
that is to include several additional fields at
sign-up process. Of course this doesnt mean that you
have to ask 15 questions from your new subscriber
because many people leave when they see that there are
many fields to fill. After that, you will make several
email newsletters for each membership type.

With Group Mail 5 (Personal and Business Edition) you
can make unlimited number of lists with unlimited
recipients in each.

Timing is everything

Another very important thing in creating successful
email campaign is timing. In almost every email
marketing statistics you will find information about
when to email your subscribers. So studies show that
the best time for sending email campaigns are days
from Tuesday to Thursday. However, it doesnt mean
that someone cant have successful email campaign sent
on Sunday. If you send your emails in days that are
not prime time you can have a chance to avoid
competition that will mail their campaign in prime
time. Tuesday-Thursday are generally best days for
mailing because, as you probably know yourself, too,
not many people like Monday (remember that song?).
After a good weekend, Monday is usually reserved for
some consultation with the management about weekly
plans and task. Friday is, on the contrary, favourite
day for many people, because they are planning their
weekend. People often come home earlier on Friday so
your email can be buried in their inbox until Monday.
And in Monday, to be deleted with many others (we have
already wrote about Monday). on the weekend people
usually dont work but many will still check their

Also, you have to decide how often you want to send
your email newsletters. It will depend on your
content. If your email newsletter about latest
industry news you can send your newsletter once a
month, because then it wont be latest news anymore.
If you send a corporate email newsletter with news
about company and useful articles from your area of
expertise, monthly frequency is usually the best one.

You have to make several email campaigns and see which
ones get you best results.

And when we talk about best results the next logical
step is tracking.


How do you know if your email marketing campaign was
successful? You have to know how many people opened
your emails, what was your click-thru ratio, your
subscribers behaviour on your web site after they had
clicked and finally how many subscribers purchased
your product.

With user-friendly Group Metrics you will be able to
do that and also to make polls to get even better view
of your email campaign.

Dejan Bizinger is a Contributing Editor for Infacta.
Infacta is email messaging services company providing
powerful, yet easy-to-use award-winning Group Mail,
software for sending highly-personalized email
messages and Group Metrics, software for email
tracking. For more information visit:

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7 Email Marketing Best Practices (412)



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